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    Bar Capsules

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    50.8x29.4 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule
    As Low As: $0.84
    61.4 x 36.3 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule
    As Low As: $1.84
    90.4x52.39 mm CoinSafe Stacker Bar Capsule
    As Low As: $3.34
    89.9 x 52 mm Air-Tite Bar Capsule
    As Low As: $3.34
    159.1564 x 69.85 mm Bar Capsule
    As Low As: $3.34

    Bar Capsules at JM Bullion

    When mints packaging products for delivery to retailers or customers, many products are typically offered in generic protective plastic. For coins, this typically consists of flips, while silver bars can arrive in sealed plastic or unsealed protective plastic similar to flips used to package coins. If you’ve got multiple bars you’d like to store more securely, JM Bullion offers bar capsules of varying sizes to secure your silver.

    1 oz Silver Bars

    It is difficult to ensure there is a bar capsule available for every size of bar struck by mints, but the most common weights are well-represented in the industry. 1 oz silver bars represent the most common weight offered, with many 1 oz silver bars featuring dimensions of roughly 50.8×29.4 MM. Please be sure to measure any 1 oz silver bar you are thinking of protecting in bar capsules to ensure the capsule you choose matches the bar you are hoping to protect.

    4-5 oz Silver Bars

    These midsize bars are not as common as 1 oz and 10 oz silver, but are nonetheless prominent in the market. Dimensions can vary drastically between not only 4 oz and 5 oz silver bars, but also between various types of 5 oz silver bars. There are various shapes and styles available in 5 oz silver, in particular, that can result in products that do not match the common 5 oz silver bar capsules available. Please make sure to measure any bars you might want to protect.

    10 oz Silver Bars

    As with 1 oz and 5 oz silver bars, you’ll find that not all 10 oz silver bars conform to a specific set of dimensions. The length, width, and depth/thickness of a 10 oz silver bar can vary by style, design, and mint of origin. You’ll find at least two different 10 oz silver bar capsules available, but as with other sizes, we encourage you to measure your items in advance to make sure they’ll fit in the capsule.

    Protect Your Silver with Bar Capsules

    We encourage you to reach out to JM Bullion if you have any questions about silver bar capsules. You can call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us online, or email us directly with your inquiries. Our Payment Methods page is also available to help you get quick answers to common payment-related questions.