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    1 oz Gold Bar (Varied Condition, Any Mint)
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    1 oz Gold Bullion Bars

    When it comes to our offering of 1 oz gold bars, you are spoiled for choice as we offer a wide variety of products from companies located all over the world. Almost all of our 1 oz gold bars are stamped with a .9999 purity and 1 oz weight indication. In most cases, the mintmark or name of the producing mint is also stamped into the gold bar.

    Whether you are a beginning investor who is looking to start a precious metals portfolio, or an experienced investor who is making an addition to an existing investment, 1 oz gold bars are a great choice.

    Even though 1 oz gold bars are among the smallest bullion bars in the industry, their size can be deceiving due to the massive value they carry.

    We carry 1 oz gold bars produced by a number of different companies, and even though these bars often have the same purity, their prices can be quite different. This difference in price is nothing more than different brand names charging different prices for similar products. Just like two similar pairs of jeans from two different companies will carry different price tags, two 1 oz gold bars from different companies will vary in price, as well. If you are like most investors and only concerned about the weight and purity of a bar as opposed to its brand name, finding the cheapest 1 oz bar will be your end goal. After all, the resale value of a gold bar is gauged more by the bar’s weight and purity than it is by the brand name stamped into the bar.

    Common Producers of 1 oz Gold Bars

    As 1 oz gold bars are often the most sought-after weight in the precious metals industry, it should come as no surprise that 1 oz gold bars are produced by a wide range of different mints around the globe. Occupying every niche, from unique hand-poured gold bars to investment-grade minted ingots, 1 oz gold bars offer a wide range of design options and styles to suit the needs of any gold buyer. It would be too exhaustive to cover all of the mints that produce gold bars in this popular weight, but we can list off a few of the well-known producers of 1 oz gold. You are no doubt aware of the profile of the likes of PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, and the Perth Mint, but are you aware of 1 oz gold bars from the following mints?

    • Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse is more than just another Swiss refiner, it is one of the oldest Swiss refiners. Credit Suisse started out in 1856 as a banking and financial services company with the aim of funding the development of the nation’s rail system. Today, it produces a range of gold and silver bars for investors.
    • Royal Mint of England: Tracing its roots to the London Mint of the 8th century, the Royal Mint of England is one of Europe’s most respected minting institutions. Now located in Wales, the Royal Mint issues gold bullion bars in small runs with its popular Britannia image one of the most coveted.
    • Royal Canadian Mint: Founded in 1908 to provide production capacity to Canada during its federation period, today the Royal Canadian Mint is a global leader in the production of bullion products. It not only produces one of the most popular bullion coin collections in the form of the Canadian Maple Leaf, it also produces mint-branded gold bars in a range of weights.
    • Argor-Heraeus: Argor-Heraeus is yet another Swiss refiner that stands among the global leaders in producing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for investors. More than that, Argor-Heraeus has grown into the global leader when it comes to precious metals services for other industries.
    • Asahi Refining: Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and founded in the 1950s, Asahi Refining recently made a big move in North America by purchasing the refining arm of Johnson-Matthey and taking over assaying and production facilities in the United States and Canada that formerly belonged to the British giant.

    Popular 1 oz Gold Bar Designs

    Just as it would be exhausting to detail all of the mints and refineries that produce 1 oz gold bars, so too would it be an endless exercise to highlight all of the possible 1 oz gold bar designs commonly issued by these entities. However, it is worth noting some of the more common and popular designs you can find from global refiners. Below is a brief list of some of the many 1 oz gold bar options available from a design standpoint:

    • Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf: 1 oz gold bars from the Royal Canadian Mint feature the official logo of the mint. The RCM uses a stylized, powerful maple leaf that is surrounded by inscriptions of the mint name in both English and French Canadian.
    • Perth Mint Swan: Recognized around the world, Perth Mint 1 oz gold bars often feature two distinct symbols of the nation. The Perth Mint’s Swan logo features on the obverse of many of these bars, while the reverse typically has a repeating design of a leaping kangaroo.
    • Royal Mint Britannia: The powerful female personification of Britain, Britannia has appeared on coins in the British Isles dating back to the 1st century CE when the Roman Empire ruled the island. In recent years, the Royal Mint has introduced gold bars with an iconic right-profile depiction of Britannia with her trademarked shield and trident.
    • Sunshine Mint Eagle: A private American mint, Sunshine Minting is well known as a provider of silver bullion blanks for the production of coin programs such as the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Sunshine Minting also produces its own gold and silver bullion bars with the image of its logo, the powerful bald eagle swooping down.
    • Rand Refinery: The producer and marketer of South African Gold Krugerrands, the Rand Refinery also produces its own 1 oz gold bars with its mint logo as the primary design element on the pieces.

    Small Size and Easy to Store

    Beginning investors, or those who simply do not have much room in their residence for the storage of precious metals, are drawn to 1 oz gold bars due to their small size. Every 1 oz gold bar we offer is able to fit comfortably in a pants pocket, a testament to how small these bars really are. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need some large vault or special room in order to store your gold bars seeing that even an investment of 50 1 oz gold bars will still be able to fit in an average desk drawer or something of comparable size.

    Storage of their precious metals is something many investors neglect to take into consideration, though with 1 oz gold bars storing your metal is as easy as it can possibly be.

    Assay Cards

    Something that comes standard with just about every 1 oz gold bar on the market today is an assay card. For these gold bars an assay card serves two purposes, the first is as a means of protecting your bar and the other is a way to verify the authenticity of your gold.

    An assay card, in terms of a 1 oz gold bars, is an authenticity card attached to a plastic case which houses and protects your gold. Since the gold is never meant to be taken out of its plastic housing, an assay card from the producing mint is necessary to guarantee the authenticity of the bar you purchased.

    Readily Available

    1 oz gold bars are arguably the most widely sought after gold bars on the market today, and for this reason, they are produced by a vast number of mints. Even those mints who do not have a large offering of gold bullion tend to always make sure they offer 1 oz bars.

    The large number of producing mints translates into increased competition, meaning that these mints will constantly be attempting to offer their products at prices lower than their competitors. The consumer always wins when there is a higher incidence of competition as no one company can have a stranglehold on the product which is being offered.

    Buying 1 oz Gold Bars from JM Bullion

    Please don’t hesitate to contact JM Bullion with any questions you might have about these gold bars. Our team can handle your inquiries on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. You can also check our Payment Methods FAQ if you have specific inquiries regarding payment types and purchasing minimums. Please feel free to contact us additionally if you do not find answers to your questions on this page.