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    1/4 oz Gold Kangaroos

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    1/4 oz Australian Gold Kangaroos

    When Perth Mint started the Gold Nugget Series in 1986, the coins were offered in common weights found in many gold bullion collections. The series offered 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coins. To this day, those weights are still available in the series, but the collection has been known as the Australian Gold Kangaroo since 1990.

    Design and Details

    Like the other weights in the Australian Gold Kangaroo Series, the 1/4 oz Gold Kangaroo features a new depiction of a kangaroo on the reverse each year. This was a slight change from the original Gold Nugget Series. While the latter featured different nuggets on each denomination with the same designs used each year, the former now features a new kangaroo design each year that is used on all denominations. The 1/4 oz Gold Kangaroo contains .9999 pure gold and offers a face value of $25 (AUD).

    Kangaroo Designs

    Over the course of the last three decades, Perth Mint has featured various kangaroo designs on these coins. While there are four known subspecies of these marsupials in Australia, the Western grey is the most common to feature in the series. Western Grey Kangaroos are found in a variety of habitats across southwestern and western Australia, ranging from coastal areas to inland regions. They prefer open woodland, scrubland, and grassy areas, as well as the edges of forests and agricultural lands. This adaptability to different environments has contributed to their relatively widespread distribution.

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