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    1/10 oz Gold Krugerrands

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    1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrands

    The South African Gold Krugerrand is arguably the most well-known gold bullion coin in the world. Introduced in 1967, this coin debuted at a time when private gold ownership was reemerging around the world as an option for millions. The Gold Krugerrand was developed by the Rand Refinery and South African Mint as both a vehicle for private gold ownership, and as a means of promoting South African gold reserves to the world.

    Introduction of the 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand

    South African Gold Krugerrands may have debuted in 1967, but the series was originally available only as a 1 oz gold collection. It was not until 1980, when the Gold Krugerrand commanded some 90% of the gold market globally, that fractional-ounce gold coins were made available.


    All South African Gold Krugerrands feature the same design elements on the obverse and reverse. The obverse side of 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrands features the bust of Paul Kruger. The former President of the South African Republic, Kruger was fondly known as Oom Paul, or Uncle Paul. On the reverse side of 1/10 oz South African Krugerrands, you will find the Springbok antelope.

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