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    Pre-33 CMQ Approved Gold

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    Pre-33 CMQ Approved Gold at JM Bullion

    Many modern gold coin buyers are familiar with Certified Gold Coins available from online dealers such as JM Bullion. One of the most popular forms of certified gold among modern collectors are Certified Pre-33 US Gold Coins. These coins represent the history of American gold coinage through denominations like the US $1 gold coin, $3 gold coin, and the denominations of the Pre-33 US Eagle gold series. Now, JM Bullion offers Pre-33 Certified Gold Coins that feature CMQ Approval of the certification.

    What is CMQ?

    CMQ stands for Collectible Market Qualified and is interested in identifying the highest quality graded coins available in the market. Established under the auspices of Stack’s Bowers Galleries and the founder of the PCGS, CMQ conducts a thorough assessment of certified coins, meticulously examining their excellence, aesthetic allure, and assigned grade. Following a rigorous appraisal process, coins earn the distinction of qualification and are adorned with a secure hologram sticker, emblematic of their endorsement.

    Origins of Pre-33 US Gold Coins

    Gold coinage in the United States dates back to the late 18th century, with the Coinage Act of 1792 establishing the first official U.S. Mint and authorizing the production of various denominations, including gold coins. The first gold coins minted by the U.S. Mint were the $5 half eagle and the $10 eagle, both introduced in 1795. These coins featured designs created by prominent artists such as Robert Scot, the 1st Chief Engraver of the United States Mint.

    1834-1907 Era

    Prior to 1834, U.S. gold coins were minted with high gold content and often featured classical designs, including depictions of Liberty and eagles. Notable coin designs during this period include the Capped Bust, Classic Head, and Liberty Head motifs.

    The discovery of gold in California in 1848 led to a significant increase in the production of gold coins by the U.S. Mint. The $20 Double Eagle coin was introduced in 1849 to accommodate the large quantities of gold being mined in California and to facilitate international trade. The $1 Gold Coin, also known as the “Type 1 Gold Dollar,” was introduced in 1849 and featured a small diameter compared to other gold coins.

    Following the Civil War, the U.S. economy experienced a period of reconstruction and economic growth. Gold coins continued to be minted, with designs such as the Liberty Head and Indian Head motifs appearing on various denominations.

    New Century, New Imagery

    In the early 20th century, the U.S. Mint produced gold coins with iconic designs, including the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle ($20) and the Indian Head Eagle ($10). These coins featured intricate artwork by renowned sculptors such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Bela Lyon Pratt.

    Buy Pre-33 CMQ Approved Gold with JM Bullion

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