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    Silver Notes

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    Silver Notes at JM Bullion

    There’s more than one option when it comes to buying silver. While most investors and collectors are familiar with traditional silver bullion coins, historic circulating silver coins, and modern silver bullion bars, silver notes are becoming more common and offer great diversity for any investor or collector.

    What are Silver Notes?

    Modern silver notes are produced by combining thin layers of silver between sheets of polyester. This offers a base level of protection for the silver inside, but silver notes also ship in currency sleeves to offer enhanced protection for each piece. While some programs feature a design on each side, many silver notes feature a design on just one side of the note. This is the result of the thin layers of silver used in the development of the notes. It is difficult to ensure the designs don’t bleed through to the other side, so most notes have a design on just one side.

    Zombucks World Silver Notes

    The popular Zombucks World Series is a collection of silver and copper rounds, each with a unique design capturing a zombified animal that symbolizes some of the world’s most popular bullion collections. Zombucks World rounds are one way you can build your stack before the apocalypse, and now Zombucks World Notes offer an even more affordable, flexible option.

    Each Zombucks World Silver Note contains 1/1000th Troy oz of .999 pure silver. The notes offer a wider perspective of the same designs from the Zombucks collection:

    • Pandamonium – the note design features the same zombified panda up a tree, with a wider perspective showing more of the forest behind it.
    • Kookaburied – this note design adds the image of a cityscape in the background that is slowly being reclaimed by nature in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.
    • Kangaruin – this note features the kangaroo leaping along in front of Sydney’s historic Opera House as meteors rain down from above in the background.

    Examples of Other Silver Notes

    There are a variety of popular design approaches available in the realm of silver notes. This range from replicas of modern paper notes to collectible pieces reflecting popular culture or national symbols. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Replica notes – the $100 (USD) note with the image of Benjamin Franklin is one example of a popular silver note lineup
    • Lunar themes – produced each year to reflect the animal representing the Zodiac annually, these silver notes have proof-like visuals with unique designs reflecting animals such as the Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon from the lunar calendar
    • Pop culture notes – whether it’s popular feature films or mini-series from television, you’ll find unique designs honoring franchises like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones

    Collect Silver Notes from JM Bullion

    If you’re looking to start a unique silver collection or simply want to find affordable forms of silver to buy, silver notes are a great start. Please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion with any questions. Our team is available at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Our Payment Methods page is also available to you as a source of quick answers to common payment-related issues.