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    Zombucks World Notes

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    Zombucks World Notes at JM Bullion

    The popularity of the Zombucks Series has moved beyond silver and copper rounds. Those preparing for the possibility of a zombie apocalypse can now diversify the type of metals they keep on hand when the banks fail and bartering becomes the norm. The beloved designs of the Zombucks World Series are now available on brilliant silver notes with added visual elements not found on the Zombucks Rounds.

    Zombucks World Silver Notes

    Like the popular Goldbacks and Silverbacks issued in recent years, Zombucks World Silver Notes offer a stunning new option for those buying fractional silver. Each individual silver note has 1/1000th Troy oz of .999 pure silver and features detailed designs of the different creatures whose zombified images grace the Zombucks World collection.

    Zombucks World Silver Note Designs

    The Zombucks World Silver Notes are available with the same designs found in the Zombucks World collection of silver and copper rounds. However, reach design showcases a little more detail in the background field than you’ll find on the rounds. Available designs include:

    • Pandamonium – here, the zombified Panda with its rotting flesh is featured clinging to the branch of a tree. The background field includes added branches that seem to suggest even trees are succumbing to the decay of a world in crisis.
    • Kookaburied – the decaying corpse of a kookaburra is shown in this design as it flies through the air in left-profile relief. As it flies, you can see it is losing flesh and feathers as the zombie apocalypse spreads. In the background, the lifeless streets of a city in decay are featured as nature takes back all that humanity has built.
    • Kangaruin – Yet again, we see a creature in decline in the design of Kangaruin. This image shows a kangaroo, with decaying flesh and fur, bounding along the empty walkways outside Sydney’s famous Opera House as meteors fall from the sky.

    As the Zombucks World collection grows, the designs available in the Zombucks World Silver Note Series will grow as well. The silver notes in this series are available individually in currency sleeves and can also be purchased in 100 packs of notes with a bundle around the notes.

    Collect Zombucks World Silver Notes at JM Bullion

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