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    American Silver Eagle Sets

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    2012-S American Silver Eagle San Francisco Mint 75th Anniversary 2-Coin Set (Box + CoA)

    American Silver Eagle coins are among the most coveted with investors and collectors. The government-backed silver content and value of these coins is matched only by the splendor of their design, with classic images of Americana on both the obverse and reverse faces. The 2012-S American Silver Eagle San Francisco Mint 75th Anniversa... Read More

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    1+ $193.22 $195.23 $201.27

    2014 US Mint Silver Proof Set (Limited Edition)

    The US Mint has been issuing proof coin sets for almost nine decades and has been issuing silver proof coin sets regularly for some thirty years. In 2012 it began issuing Limited Edition silver proof sets containing all the bullion collectible coins included in the current standard set, including a full group of the current year's America the Beautiful Quarters and a current American Eagle Coin. The third of these eight-coin sets was the 2014 US ... Read More

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    1+ $209.99 $212.18 $218.74

    2013-W American Silver Eagle West Point Mint 75th Anniversary 2-Coin Set (Box + CoA)

    Any quantity available for $94.29 per oz over spot!

    When it comes to phenomenal sales and annual demand in the millions, there isn’t a coin that can match the American Silver Eagle. Bearing the images of iconic American symbols, and a weight and purity guaranteed by the United States government, the Silver Ea... Read More

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    1+ $247.32 $249.90 $257.62

    2019 US Mint Pride of Two Nations Silver 2-Coin Set (Box + CoA)

    Few nations in the world share the same close bonds that the United States of America and Canada possess. In addition to geographic proximity that includes the longest shared land border in the world, both Canada and the United States have common cultural backgrounds and a history that involves colonial control and eventual breaks from Great Britain. Right now, the 2019 US... Read More

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    1+ $256.99 $259.67 $267.70

    2021 Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle Designer Set (Box + CoA)

    Any quantity available for $110.89 per oz over spot!

    The United States Mint has charted a new course forward into the future for its American Eagle silver and gold coins. Both versions of the popular American Eagle received new designs on the reverse field at the midway point of 2021. This resulted in two versio... Read More

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    1+ $280.52 $283.44 $292.21

    2021 Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle 2-Coin Designer Set PCGS PR69 FS (Type 1 + 2)

    The US Mint sparingly issues reverse-proof versions of its most popular coins. It often does so to mark special occasions in the history of a series, and 2021 is one of the most important dates in the history of the American Silver Eagle. The 35th anniversary of the collection, it is also the first date mark to feature two different ... Read More

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    1+ $362.93 $366.71 $378.05

    1986-2024 American Silver Eagle 40-Coin Set NGC MS69

    Inaugurated by the United States Mint in 1986, the American Silver Eagle has evolved into the globe's most sought-after silver bullion coin. Initially showcasing a heraldic eagle on its reverse, these coins underwent a transformation in mid-2021 to present a contemporary representation of the majestic bald eagle in mid-flight. Today, 1986-2024 American Silver Eagle 40-Coin... Read More

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    1+ $2,586.60 $2,613.54 $2,694.37

    1995-W Proof American Eagle 10th Anniversary 5-Coin Set (Box + CoA)

    The United States Mint marked the 10th anniversary of its coveted American Eagle bullion coin program in 1995 with the release of a special five-coin set. This first-ever anniversary set in the series, the 1995 Proof American Eagle Set included a first-ever “W” Proof American Silver Eagle and four Proof American Gold Eagles. Right now, 1995-W Proof American Eagle 10th ... Read More

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    1+ $8,393.20 $8,480.63 $8,742.91

    1993-P Proof American Gold and Silver Eagle 5-Coin Set (Box + CoA)

    In 1993, the United States Mint released one of the most distinctive collector sets in its history. To honor the 200th anniversary of the very first American coins it struck back in 1793, the US Mint issued a 5-coin set that included a 1 oz Silver Eagle, three fractional-ounce Gold Eagles, and a special Bicentennial Medal. Right now, 1993-P Proof American Gold and Silver E... Read More

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    American Silver Eagle Sets from JM Bullion

    Over the years, the US Mint has built up a tremendous catalogue of American Silver Eagles, producing a variety of coin types and sets since the coin’s launch in 1986. With our wide purchasing power, we are able to put together special sets of American Silver Eagle coins, allowing collectors to accumulate an entire set with just one purchase.

    Above, depending on our current inventory, you will find entire sets of uncirculated Silver Eagles, proof Silver Eagles, and Burnished Silver Eagles, often offered in raw or graded (69 or 70) full sets. We also attempt to offer the many commemorative Silver Eagle sets the US Mint has released throughout the years.

    American Silver Eagle coins are the standard by which many other sovereign bullion coins are measured. Authorized by the United States Congress, overseen by the Treasury Department, and produced by the United States Mint, these coins are undoubtedly the most popular in the world. From time to time, the US Mint unveils special-edition American Silver Eagle coin sets that leave numismatics clamoring for the limited sets available.

    Introduction to the American Silver Eagle

    The American Silver Eagle is part of the larger American Eagle bullion coin program. The Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle were introduced the same year, 1986, following the passage of separate legislation. The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 authorized the production of American Silver Eagle coins to serve as the official silver bullion coin of the United States.

    Silver Eagle coins were originally introduced in a bullion and proof version. These coins feature the same image on the obverse and reverse side each year, and are only available in a 1 oz weight. Numerous facilities within the United States Mint system contribute to the production of the coins in the series.

    For example, the bullion coin is struck at the San Francisco, Philadelphia, and West Point mints on an annual basis. The proof coin was originally produced in San Francisco, but moved to the Philadelphia Mint from 1993-2000, and the West Point Mint since 2001. The burnished coin, introduced in 2006, is primarily struck at the West Point Mint, with an exception occurring in 2011 when the Mint unveiled a 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle set.

    American Silver Eagle Coin Sets

    Throughout the history of the American Silver Eagle coin series, numerous Silver Eagle Coin Sets were produced and released by the United States Mint. Just a few examples of American Silver Eagle coin sets include the following:

    • Philadelphia Set: Released in 1993, the Philadelphia Set commemorates the bicentennial striking of the first coins ever produced at the United States Mint. This set included a proof American Gold Eagle in three weights, a proof American Silver Eagle, and a 90% silver proof US Mint Bicentennial medal.
    • 10th Anniversary American Eagle Five-Coin Set: Released in 1995, this American Eagle Set included a special-edition American Silver Eagle W-Proof and four proof American Gold Eagles.
    • Legacies of Freedom: The Legacies of Freedom coin set was a special production of the United States Mint and the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. The set included a 2003 bullion Silver Eagle and 2002 bullion Silver Britannia.
    • American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set: Released in 2011, this set celebrated 25 years of production with a five coin set that included a West Point proof, a burnished coin from West Point, a burnished coin from San Francisco, a reverse proof coin, and a bullion coin.

    These are just a few examples of American Silver Eagle Coin sets released by the United States Mint. These coin sets often include a combination of standard-issue bullion, proof, and burnished coins, as well as special-edition proof, reverse proof, and burnished coins which are often struck at different mints.

    Unique American Silver Eagle Coin Sets from JM Bullion

    JM Bullion is proud to supply investors and collectors with some of the best American Silver Eagle coin sets available today. Though our inventory does fluctuate, current examples of coin sets available from JM Bullion include the following:

    • 2015 American Silver Eagle Four Seasons Coin Set: This set contains four bullion American Silver Eagle coins, each in brilliant uncirculated condition. The coins in this set feature gem finishes that represent each of the different seasons with a different hue.

    BU American Silver Eagle Sets – Certified

    In many of the issue years for the American Silver Eagle, you can purchase sets that include one coin each from the available dates of issue in the series up to the most recent labeled in that set. For example, a 1986-2020 American Silver Eagle BU Set has a certified BU version of the coin inside with a date mark representing each date of issue between 1986 and 2020. Crucially, each of the coins has the same certification from either the NGC or PCGS. The most common type of these sets to find is the NGC/PCGS MS69 set. In this case, each coin is a near-perfect Mint State 69 specimen. The coins have full, original mint luster and no more than two minor detracting flaws.

    Proof American Silver Eagle Sets

    In addition to Certified BU Sets of American Silver Eagles, you can find Proof American Silver Eagle Sets available to purchase. These unique sets are similar to the Certified BU Sets in that each Silver Eagle coin set comes with one coin from each available date mark. However, the Proof American Silver Eagle Sets always lack a 2009 Proof Silver Eagle as the coin was not struck during that date mark as a result of the intense demand for BU Silver Eagles.

    Pride of Two Nations Set

    In 2019, the United States Mint partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint for the first time in modern history to produce a silver bullion coin set that combined the world’s two best-selling silver coins into one collection. Known as the Pride of Two Nations, this stunning set contained 2 Troy oz of silver in total. In the set, collectors received a 2019 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin with .999 pure silver content and a 2019 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin with .9999 pure silver content.

    The Pride of Two Nations Set was no ordinary release of American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. Each mint put its own special touch on the coins included in this set. The American Silver Eagle included in the set is an enhanced reverse proof coin that bears mirrored design elements overlaying frosted background fields. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a modified proof from the Royal Canadian Mint that boasts varying fields of frosted and polished, clear finishes for incredible visual brilliance.

    The mints contributed their own coins to this set with a total of 110,000 sets available in all. However, the United States Mint distributed 100,000 of the sets, while the Royal Canadian Mint released 10,000 sets. Each set came with a dual Certificate of Authenticity bearing the authentication of the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint authorities.

    Purchasing with JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the coin sets available from JM Bullion, we are happy to help. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or send us an email with your inquiries. Don’t forget to check our Payment Methods FAQ page for easy answers to your common payment-related questions.