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    2022 1 oz Australian Silver Wombat Coin (BU)
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    2022 1 oz Australian Silver Emu Coin (BU)
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    2022 1 oz Tuvalu Silver Homer Simpson Coin (BU)
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    2019 1 oz Australian Silver Emu Coin
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    2021 1.5 oz Australian Silver Platypus Coin (BU)
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    2021 1 oz Australian Brumby Silver Coin
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    2017 1 oz Australian Silver Swan Coin
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    2020 1 oz Australian Silver Emu Coin
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    2018 1 oz Australian Silver Swan Coin
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    2019 1 oz Australian Silver Swan Coin
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    Perth Mint Silver Bullion for Investment

    For well over a century, the skilled individuals at Perth Mint in Australia have crafted high-quality products, including both collectible bullion coins and circulation coins. In recent decades, one of their outstanding collectible series has been the mint’s Wildlife Series, which celebrates the unique and fascinating creatures that inhabit the Land Down Under.

    A Diverse Selection of Standout Coins

    One of the standout coins in the series, the Silver Kookaburra, was first produced in 1990. These coins, which are 99.9% fine silver, stand apart as true works of art. Other coins in the series, which are on par with the Kookaburra in terms of beauty, are produced for a more limited time. For example, the 2014 1/2 oz Australian Outback Coloured Coin Collection has a maximum mintage of 4,000.

    Many of the silver coins in the series share the 99.9% purity level, though the sizes of the coins vary. The Kookaburra coins, for instance, are minted in four different denominations and sizes, ranging from one troy ounce to one kilogram in weight and from 40 millimeters in diameter to more than 100. Some other coins in the Wildlife series weigh as little as one-tenth of an ounce.

    The stunning diversity of this series makes it attractive to investors, since they can choose the coins that fit their budget and their personal preferences.

    Australian Silver Wedge Tail Eagle

    The Perth Mint offers an impressive variety of long-running silver bullion coin programs focused on native wildlife. The Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala, and Silver Kangaroo have a track record stretching back as far as three decades for the Kookaburra and more than 10 years for the Koala and Kangaroo. There are, however, newer programs that have come online from Perth Mint in recent years that are worth of their own hype and attention.

    One of the latest entries is the Australian Silver Wedge Tail Eagle coins. This series depicts the Wedge Tail Eagle on the reverse of the coins. The Wedge Tail Eagle is the largest predatory bird in Australia and can also be found in southern New Guinea, as well as parts of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Perth Mint teamed up with former US Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti to create the designs of the wedge tail eagle on these coins. Mr. Mercanti is the same man who designed the American heraldic eagle on the reverse of the American Silver Eagle and the image of the Statue of Liberty from the American Platinum Eagle, two of the United States Mint’s most important coin releases each year.

    The Australian Silver Wedge Tail Eagle program launched in 2014. The 2014 and 2015 coins shared the same design. A new design was revealed in 2016 that was again used in 2017. However, the 2018 and 2019 coins in the series each had their own unique designs. Below is a breakdown of the designs and any other changes in the series:

    • 2014-2015: The coins feature a wedge tail eagle in flight with its wings spread wide and its talons out in front of it as it prepares to land on the branch of a tree. The first two years of availability saw the coins struck in .999 pure silver with a $1 (AUD) face value.
    • 2016-2017: The second design in the series depicted an alert wedge tail eagle appearing stoic as it sits on the branch of a dead tree. The 2016 coin was the last to use .999 pure silver as the 2017 release, though sharing the same designs, now featured .9999 pure silver.
    • 2018: The first release to have its own distinct design, the 2018 Silver Wedge Tail Eagle features a mother tending to a young hatchling in the nest as the father flies high overhead with wings spread wide.
    • 2019: The fourth design in the series marked the first time a design wasn’t repeated in a given two-year period. The 2019 design boasts the powerful image of a wedge tail eagle high overhead from the viewpoint of its prey. As the sun flashes in the background behind it, the eagle spreads its wings and reaches out its talons as it prepares to diver on unsuspecting prey. The 2019 release also saw the debut of the new sixth-generation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse face.

    Australian Silver Emu

    Perth Mint’s focus on wildlife-themed annual releases continued in 2018 with the debut of a brand-new silver bullion collection. The Australian Silver Emu coin made its debut in 2018 with a low mintage cap of just 30,000 coins. Each one features 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver, in keeping with all other major silver bullion issues, and is set to depict the emu in a different relief on the reverse side each year.

    The emu is the second-largest living bird in the world by height behind the ostrich, and it is endemic to Australia. The bird is the only extant member of the Dromaius genus and used to include three subspecies in the region: Tasmanian emu, Kangaroo Island emu, and King Island emu. The latter three subspecies all became extinct shortly after European settlement of Australian in 1788.

    Details on the available issues in this collection to date include:

    • 2018: The debut design features one emu in right-profile relief as it walks through the Australian Outback. The coin’s inscriptions include “Australian Emu,” the “P” mint mark of the Perth Mint,” and “2018 1 oz 9999 Silver.” The reverse of these first issues in the series have Ian Rank-Broadley’s 1998 effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the final year in which major silver bullion from the mint featured this design.
    • 2019: In the second release of the series, two emus feature standing next to one another near a dry creek bed with a small dead tree in the background. Inscriptions on the reverse remain the same. These coins feature the new sixth-generation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian coins. Designed by Jody Clark, this portrait is the first since 1966 to include the Queen’s neckline and shoulders in the design.

    Australian Bird of Paradise Series

    Among the newest collections from the Perth Mint, the Bird of Paradise Series includes both silver and gold bullion coins with each design release. Debuting in 2018, the coins have a new member of the Bird of Paradise family of bird species. This grouping includes 42 different species in 15 separate genera. Though the birds are distinct in their own right, most males regardless of specific species have beautiful plumage with elongated, elaborate feathers found either on the beak, wings, tail, or head.

    The obverse designs in the series feature a right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Like other coins released over the 2018-2019 date mark divide, the coins in this series feature Ian Rank-Broadley’s fourth-generation British design with a 2018 date mark and the latest Jody Clark design of Queen Elizabeth II for 2019 date marks. The new design is the sixth to appear on Australian coins during Elizabeth II’s reign.

    For the reverse, the Perth Mint features a different species each year:

    • 2018: Victoria’s riflebird is known as the duwuduwu to the local Yidinji people and is native to eastern Queensland state in Australia. The bird is depicted on the reverse perched on a branch with its wings extended out in front of it and its head arched upward during its mating ritual to attract a female of the species.
    • 2019: Manucodia birds, otherwise known as Manucodes, consist of four subspecies in New Guinea and parts of Papua New Guinea. The Manucode is a medium-sized species with black-glossed feathers of purple and green coloration. The Manucode on the reverse of these coins is featured in left-profile relief on the same tree branch design as the debut issue.

    James Bond Silver

    With the upcoming release of a 25th James Bond film in the theatrical franchise, the Perth Mint and other minting facilities around the world have been celebrating the fictional British spy. Introduced in 1953 by Ian Fleming, Bond originally featured in fictional novels by Fleming and two short-story collections. Those original novels were adapted for the big screen starting in 1962 with the legendary Sir Sean Connery in the leading role as James Bond. Between 1962 and 2020, 24 feature films have hit the big screen and the world continues to await the release of the 25th film, No Time To Die.

    In anticipation of this release, the Perth Mint has issued two different types of silver bullion for investors and collectors. The first is a traditional form of silver, 1 oz silver coins available with two different designs as Brilliant Uncirculated silver coins and colorized silver coins. The other is a unique silver foil. A silver foil is a thin, pressed silver product with full-color graphics and photo-realistic images present. The James Bond Movie Poster Series features 5 Gram silver foils for each of the last five Bond feature films with Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond. These include:

    • Casino Royale
    • Quantum of Solace
    • Skyfall
    • Spectre
    • No Time To Die

    Marvel Series Silver

    Introduced in 2017 to coincide with upcoming feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Series of 1 oz silver BU coins from the Perth Mint is an exciting collection that includes a total of nine distinctive designs through 2021. Each coin has an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and is issued with 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver on behalf of Tuvalu. The designs include the following releases:

    • 2017 Spiderman
    • 2018 Thor
    • 2018 Black Panther
    • 2018 Iron Man
    • 2018 Deadpool
    • 2019 Captain America
    • 2019 Hulk
    • 2020 Venom
    • 2021 Wolverine

    In addition to the bullion release with mintages of 50,000 coins per design, the Perth Mint also offers these coins with a limited release of 1,000 silver coins in colorized presentation cards. The cards have the same image of the representative character on the reverse that is found on the reverse of the coin. The main difference is the colorization of the design on the card.

    Next Generation Silver

    A beautiful series honoring mothers and babies in the wild, the Next Generation Series features wildlife species from the Australian wilderness on 2 oz silver blanks. The series is unique in its use of extremely thick blanks. Rather than turning to larger 2 oz silver blanks with a greater diameter to spread out the greater volume of silver, the Perth Mint uses a blank with the diameter of a 1 oz silver blank, but twice the thickness to create a chunky, heavy item.

    Known as the Next Generation Series, the coins have an obverse design with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in right-profile relief. The 2018 debut featured Ian Rank-Broadley’s fifth-generation Australian design, with the coins as of 2019 offering the latest sixth-generation effigy from Jody Clark. The new design includes the Queen’s shoulders in the portrait with the George IV State Diadem Crown on her head. The reverse designs include:

    • 2018: Koala mother and her baby on her back.
    • 2019: Saltwater crocodile mother swims along with her baby on the back of her head.
    • 2020: Kookaburra mother sits perched on a branch with her young chick nearby with its mouth open.

    Each one of the coins has 2 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver and comes with distinctive radial lines in the background field on both sides of the coin. As of the 2019 release, the coins in the Next Generation Series are also available in 10 Troy oz silver. The coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition with a maximum mintage of 75,000 coins per design in the 2 oz weight.

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