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    Canadian Grey Wolf Series

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    Royal Canadian Mint 3/4 oz Grey Wolf Series from JM Bullion

    The Royal Canadian Mint has a rich legacy of producing unique bullion products and coin series. Always looking to push the envelope, the RCM debuted its first ever 3/4 oz bullion coin in 2015, which began the 3/4 oz Grey Wolf Series of silver coins. Between its unique and affordable size, and its detailed depiction of North America's most recognizable canine predator, the Grey Wolf Series became an instant success.

    Series Characteristics

    The 2015 and 2016 Grey Wolf Series releases both featured .9999 purity and the unique 3/4 oz weight, which was achieved through using the traditional 38mm diameter, paired with a slightly thinner thickness. The result is a coin which feels truly unique in your hand, and offers enhanced security thanks to hard to fake radial line rims on each coin in the series.

    The uniqueness of this series extends to the packaging as well – the Royal Canadian Mint packages these products in sealed mint tubes of 30 coins (22.5 oz) and sealed mint boxes of 600 coins (450 oz). Sealed mint boxes ship with an official Grey Wolf series label on the top of the box.

    2017 3/4 oz Wolf Moon Coin

    JM Bullion is proud to help the RCM continue the Grey Wolf series, with the 2017 release being distributed exclusively by JM Bullion in the United States market. The 2017 coin features a lone wolf, gazing skyward and howling in its signature chilling tone. The background of the coin depicts an enlarged moon, including realistic cratering and illumination. A micro-engraved maple leaf with “”17″” set inside of it provides counterfeit protection, as the engraving is extremely hard to replicate.

    The coin carries its standard $2 CAD face value, and the obverse details are similar to years past, with the Queen set against a background of brilliant radial lines, which double as an anti-counterfeit measure due to their incredible fineness and precision.

    JM Bullion is proud to distribute the third coin in the 3/4 oz Grey Wolf series. If you have any questions about ordering or product details, please don't hesitate to contact us today.