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    Colorized Silver Coins

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    2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Supergirl Shaped Coin
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    2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Catwoman Shaped Coin
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    2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Aquaman Shaped Coin
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    2021 1 oz Niue Silver Chibi Cortana Shaped Coin
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    Buy Colorized Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    The modern market for silver coins includes a diverse array of options for those investors and collectors who covet the shiny metal. Silver is, of course, most popular in its silver bullion coin and bar forms, but there is a niche that consists mostly of collectors that enjoys buying some of the commonplace silver bullion coins with a different take on the standard designs. Colorized silver coins offer something a bit different for a collector, and something which doesn’t require higher premiums. Find out a little more about colorized silver coins below!

    What are Colorized Silver Coins?

    Colorized silver coins come from both bullion issues and limited-release proof collections. The coins feature the same designs as the standard releases, such as Colorized American Silver Eagles. There is no change in the design of American Silver Eagles which have been colorized, they simply have real-world colors that bring the design to life in a different way. The most common colorized coins are those from bullion programs. In these cases, third-party, authorized dealers will often apply to the colorization to bullion stock they possess to create collectible interest in an investment-grade version of the coin.

    Conversely, mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint of Australia are noted for the production of their own colorized proof silver coins in house. These coins have a mixture of typical proof finishes (matte designs, mirrored backgrounds) and colorization to bring the designs to a new level of beauty. Some of these are issued as proof colorized versions of a bullion coin, while others are part of a unique release in which all coins are colorized.

    How are Colorized Coins Produced?

    Regardless of the origin of a colorized coin, whether colorized by the issuing mint or later on by a third party, the process of colorization is the same. Thin layers of a colored lacquer are applied to the various design elements to create a distinct visual. In the case of limited-issue proof coin or rounds, the colorization often captures a design as it was originally intended. For example, silver rounds that feature works of art from the known world have the exact colors the artist originally created.

    The application of the colored lacquer does not alter the coin’s metallic value or result in any damage to the surface elements of the coin. In the case of both bullion colorized coins and proof colorized coins, the goal is the same: generate collectible interest.

    Examples of Popular Colorized Silver Coins

    As mentioned earlier, colorized silver coins typically fall into one of two categories. First, there are those colorized silver coins that come from common silver bullion releases. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • American Silver Eagles: The vision of Walking Liberty on the coin’s obverse is often colorized in different ways to create a sense of uniqueness. One common design element brings shades of gray to her robe, the brilliant colors of Old Glory to the flag, and natural hues to the grass, mountains, and sun rising in the distance.
    • Austrian Silver Philharmonic: Here, the wooden hues of the cello and violins as well as the brass colors of the wind instruments on the reverse side of the Silver Philharmonic come to life in a beautiful colorized design.
    • Chinese Silver Panda: The official silver bullion coin of the People’s Republic of China brings the distinct colorization of the Giant Panda to the popular coin series. The white and black patches of fur on the panda, particularly the notable black patches around the eyes, are featured vividly on the obverse of the coin.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find a myriad of different proof coin collections. Some of these proof colorized silver coins are collectible versions of bullion coins, while others are standalone offerings in which all coins have colorized elements. Examples of this include:

    • Lunar Series II: The Perth Mint’s Lunar Series II releases feature both silver bullion and silver proof coins, with the latter boasting very low mintage figures. Additionally, the Perth Mint will offer proof coins with a colorized finish featuring the same design elements used on the silver and standard proof coins in the release.
    • Australian Map-Shaped Coins: The Perth Mint released an entire series of silver coins shaped like the continent of Australia. On the reverse of each coin was a stripe of colorization that brought the natural habitat of a different native creature from the continent to life with vivid colors.
    • New Zealand Mint: The New Zealand Mint is a prolific facility when it comes to proof colorized silver coins. Its collections include the Mickey Through the Ages collection and two different Star Wars-themed collections, as well as a five-coin Frozen-inspired series. In the case of all New Zealand Mint products, none of these are available in a separate bullion version.

    Purchasing Colorized Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    JM Bullion’s catalog regularly features colorized silver coin releases. Many have very low mintage figures, so when you see one you like it’s best to act quickly! If you have any questions about colorized silver coins for sale, please contact JM Bullion at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.