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    2021 1 oz Tokelau Bull and Bear Silver Coin (BU)
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    2021 1 oz Barbados Silver Trident Coin (BU)
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    2019 1 oz Kingdom of Bhutan Lunar Boar Silver Coin
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    2020 1 oz Kingdom of Bhutan Lunar Rat Silver Coin
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    2018 1 oz Kingdom of Bhutan Silver Lunar Dog Coin
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    2021 1 oz Tokelau Terra Silver Coin (BU)
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    2020 1 oz Tokelau Icon Silver Coin (Proof-Like)
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    3/4 oz Silver Coin (Damaged, Any Mint)
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    2020 1 oz Barbados Silver Trident Coin
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    2020 1 oz Tokelau Chronos Silver Coin
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    5 Pesetas Silver Coin (Spanish)
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    5 Francs Belgium Silver Coin
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    Travel the Globe with World Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    Regular investors in silver turn to reliable sources when making annual purchases of silver to protect their wealth. Coins such as the American Silver Eagle, British Silver Maple Leaf, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Chinese Silver Panda, and Perth Mint silver bullion coins represent stable, regularly-issued coins. Outside of these major programs though, there are a variety of different world silver coins available from nations around the globe. Explore some of the growing options in silver coins from locations across the world right now.

    Barbados Trident Silver

    Among the annual-release world silver coins available from the Scottsdale Mint is the Barbados Trident. These silver coins debuted in 2017 featuring the iconic emblem of the island nation of Barbados, the trident head. The trident head is a symbol of control over the seas and features on the national flag of Barbados.

    On the obverse side of the Barbados Trident Silver Coin is a common depiction used in all releases of the series. The coat of arms of Barbados was adopted by the issuance of a royal warrant by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966. Though Barbados has since broken from its relationship with England, its coat of arms features the image of a knight’s helmet above a shield. The shield features a bearded fig tree in the center with two Red Pride of Barbados Flowers in the upper corners. The national motto is featured below the seal with an inscription of “Pride and Industry.” The shield is flanked on either side by a dolphin fish and a pelican. The hand reaching up out of the top of the helmet includes crossed sugar cane stalks.

    The reverse field of the 1 oz Barbados Trident Silver Coins includes a trident head, the official symbol of Barbados. This field of the coin is where the Scottsdale Mint sets each release apart in a small way. In the background field of the reverse, you will find the following designs:

    • 2017: tightly-packed ocean waves ripple across the field.
    • 2018: the entire background element comes with a hammered finish.
    • 2019: tightly-packed waves are shown again, but this time the waves move in a circular motion similar to a whirlpool.
    • 2020: this design offers a more subtle ripple of waves moving from the bottom of the design field to the top, with the upper third of the background field flat and still like a pond on a calm day.

    To date, the Barbados Silver Trident Coins have been issued with a limited mintage of only 30,000 silver coins. Each one is available with a face value of One Dollar and 1 Troy ounce of .999 pure silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The coins are packaged in either plastic flips or tubes of 20.

    Kingdom of Bhutan Lunar Silver

    One of the more unique lunar-themed silver coins available to investors and collectors at the moment is the Bhutan Lunar and Attraction Series. Produced by the Singapore Mint, the coins are available for the Kingdom of Bhutan and showcase the natural beauty of Bhutan in the reverse depiction of the national emblem. Each coin has an obverse design with a stylized animal representing the creature matching the lunar calendar. Introduced in 2016, the obverse field of the coins include the following designs:

    • 2016: the stylized image that leads off the series was the 2016 Year of the Monkey design with cloud elements a common theme that features in all obverse designs.
    • 2017: the stylized image of a rooster is found in the 2017 Year of the Rooster design, again implementing its own beautiful cloud elements.
    • 2018: the 2018 design features a small dog with its head on the left looking back at its tail on the right.
    • 2019: in this design, the Year of the Boar is symbolized by a large, plump pig that includes the common design themes with the pig’s head looking back at its curly tail.
    • 2020: the Year of the Rat marks the restart of the 12-year cycle in the Zodiac and depicts a mouse seated on its hind legs with large, swirling ears and its face looking back at its tail.
    • 2021: the second year in the Lunar Cycle comes with a Year of the Ox design that celebrates the power of the ox. The design for this year departs slightly as the ox does not look back at its tail. The tail lacks the prominence of other creatures in the series, while its horns are more prominent.

    On the reverse side of the coins features the delicate, detailed emblem of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The national coat of arms for the kingdom includes matching dragons flanking a lotus flower at the center. There is one male dragon and one female dragon in the design. Each coin in this series has 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition, a maximum mintage in most releases of just 50,000 silver coins, and a face value of 200 Ngultrum backed by the Bhutanese government.

    Ghanaian Leopard Silver

    Yet another example of the fine craftsmanship at the Scottsdale Mint, the Republic of Ghana African Leopard Series debuted in 2017 with a commitment to depict the African leopard in a new reverse design for each date mark. The obverse of all coins in this series retains the same design element each year. On this side, you will find the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty is depicted here in the Ian Rank-Broadley design that captures the Queen with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara on her head and earrings in her ear. The background field features the rosette print of a leopard’s spots.

    As for the reverse field of each coin in this series, you will find a new depiction of one of Africa’s many wild cat species. The designs include the following options to date:

    • 2017: in the debut design, a leopard prowls through the tall grass keeping its body close to the ground so it can get close to its prey before it pounces. This leopard has clearly closed in on its target as it is poised to leap with its mouth open.
    • 2018: the second design of the series features a leopard that was victorious in its effort to pounce on its prey. This leopard was victorious in the hunt and has taken down a gazelle that it is now tearing a hunk of flesh off of while celebrating its victory.
    • 2019: in a much different appearance, the third design of the collection features the image of a leopard’s head emerging from an outline of the African continent.
    • 2020: for the fourth release of the series, the Scottsdale Mint showcases a leopard on the defense of its kill. This powerful leopard is shown hovering over the skeletal remains of its latest kill exposing its teeth to defend its kill.

    Each of the coins in this series come with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition. The coins are issued a face value in Cedis that is backed by the Bank of Ghana. The coins are typically housed in individual plastic capsules or skinboards of 5 coins. Mintage figures have varied from one year to the next. The debut series in 2017 had the highest mintage to date at 50,000 coins, while the 2018 coin had a mintage of just 8,500 coins as the lowest in the series to date.

    Netherlands Lion Silver Dollars

    Introduced in 2017 by the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands Lion Silver Dollars feature designs on the obverse of the Dutch Republic Lion based on the image from the 1575 debut of the Dutch Lion Dollar issued by Holland. Within the next 75 years, the Dutch Lion Dollar would enter wider circulation as a form of currency for Dutch merchants to use in settling foreign debts. Six of the seven Dutch provinces, and several independent major cities, began issuing the Lion Dollars for use in trade as well.

    The reverse field of the Netherlands Lion Silver Dollars comes with a depiction of a Dutch knight standing behind a shield with the Dutch Republic Lion. The rampant lion in left-profile relief on the shield was first used by the Union of Utrecht and eventually was adopted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. When Belgium separated from the kingdom and became independent in 1837, it too adopted the shield with the Dutch Republic Lion. This design element features every year on the coins. On the obverse side of the coins, you will find subtle twists on the Lion Dollar design:

    • 2017: the debut release is based on a 1617 version of the Lion Dollar with an ornate depiction of the rampant lion.
    • 2018: for the second release, the same ornate lion is shown with the Zeeland Waves in the lower half of the seal. This design was released in late 1617 originally.
    • 2019: a popular design of the Dutch Republic Lion with fewer ornate elements from 1651 is featured on the obverse of the 2019 coins.
    • 2020: one of the earliest, widely-released designs from the original Lion Dollars is found on the obverse of the 2020 issue. This design was first used in 1612.

    Netherlands Lion Dollar Silver Coins are available from the Royal Dutch Mint each year in 1 oz proof and 1 oz BU silver options. The BU silver coins were released in 2017, 2019, and 2020. No BU coin was issued in 2018, but that release year did feature a proof silver coin. Each coin has .999 pure silver content and inscriptions on both sides in Dutch.

    Sierra Leone Big Cats Silver

    The Pobjoy Mint is the largest private mint in Europe and is located in England. The mint produces a wide range of silver bullion coins for Commonwealth nations, as well as other nations around the globe. One of its most exciting collections is the Republic of Sierra Leone Big Cats Collection. This series of 2 oz silver coins with .999 pure silver content is a follow-up collection to the Big Five, a series that highlighted the largest predatory and/or most unique animal species from the African continent.

    On the obverse side of all coins in this series, you will find the national coat of arms for the Republic of Sierra Leone. The national seal features a lion in a passant pose with a field of azure waves beneath and torches on peaks representing mountaintops. Palm trees flank the design element and are supported by lions in a rampant pose. The ribbon below it reads “United, Freedom, Justice.”

    The reverse field of the coins comes with a depiction of a different Big Cat from the African continent. Each animal is featured in left-profile relief with the following designs available to date in 2020:

    • African Lion
    • Cheetah
    • Black Panther
    • Tiger

    The coins in this series are limited to a mintage of just 500 coins per design. Each one is housed inside of a clear, acrylic box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a themed shipping sleeve. The Certification of Authenticity boasts information not just about the coin, but also the animal featured on the obverse. The coins have a high-relief strike, delivering a greater 3D visual to the strike.

    St. Helena Spade Guinea Silver

    In 2018, a series of coins issued for the British Overseas Territory of St. Helena debuted that resurrected one of the most significant coin designs ever issued by the United Kingdom. The Spade Guinea was produced by the United Kingdom from 1663 to 1814 as a gold circulation piece. The name of the Guinea comes from the region in West Africa where the UK sourced most of the gold used in making the original releases. The gold Guinea was worth 1 Pound sterling and was the first machine-struck gold coin from the United Kingdom.

    This iconic design was revived in 2018 and issued on behalf of St. Helena, the island that is perhaps most famous as the point of exile for Napoleon following his initial defeat on the European continent. The design element featured on the reverse of the coins is based on a design known as the Spade Guinea issued during the reign of King George III.

    On the reverse side of the coins is the Royal Coat of Arms of England used during the reign of the House of Hanover from 1714 until 1837. This seal resulted in the Spade Guinea name as a result of its shape, similar to a spade shovel. The crest boasts a quartered shield with the Three Lions of England and Lion of Scotland in the first quadrant, the Lilies of France in the second quadrant, the Harp of Ireland in the third quadrant, and the arms of the House of Hanover in the fourth quadrant. The shield is topped by the Imperial State Crown.

    The obverse field of these coins includes the Raphael Maklouf depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, the current and longest-reigning monarch of England. The design shows the Queen in right-profile relief wearing the George IV State Diadem Crown on her head with earrings in and a necklace around her neck.

    The coins in this series feature a face value of 1 Pound sterling backed by St. Helena. The coins are housed inside of protective plastic flips, mint tubes of 20 coins, or Master Boxes of 400 coins. The Master Box of 400 coins comes with 20 tubes of 20 coins each.

    Tokelau Silver

    Tokelau has a growing number of silver bullion coins available in its name, the vast majority of which come from the Pressburg Mint in Bratislava, Slovakia. The mint offers a total of five silver bullion coin collections. In fact, three of these collections started as 1 oz silver round releases before transitioning to legal-tender silver bullion. Below, you will find basic details on the collections available:

    • Chronos: The longest-running series from Pressburg Mint is the Chronos collection. This series started in 2015 with 1 oz silver rounds and new designs inspired by clock images on the reverse. In 2019, the series transitioned to a legal tender collection and continued to use new clock designs on the reverse.
    • Vivat Humanitas: Also originating as a silver round collection, in 2020 the Vivat Humanitas Series became a 1 oz legal tender series.
    • Terra: Like the Vivat Humanitas Series, the Terra Series started as a silver round collection and transitioned in 2020 to become a legal tender series for Tokelau. As with other collections from Pressburg, the Terra collection offers new images and themes celebrating the health of Earth to humanity’s survival.
    • Equilibrium: The Equilibrium Series started in 2018 and has continued with new reverse designs each year.
    • Icon: The Icon Series is the newest and debuted in 2020.

    The obverse side of Tokelau Silver Coins features different elements depending upon the series in which the coin is released. However, while some of the elements can differ to suit the series, Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy is found on the obverse of all coins. The portrait of the Queen on the coins comes from Ian Rank-Broadley and was designed in 1998 for the Royal Mint of England. The design shows the Queen in right-profile relief wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.

    Buying World Silver Coins from JM Bullion

    There are countless world silver coins available when you buy silver from JM Bullion. Keep a close eye on our catalog as this section is always growing in diversity. If you have any questions, please contact JM Bullion at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly.