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    1 oz Emoji Party Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Emoji Rocket Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Emoji Smiley Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Emoji Alien Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Emoji Frowny Silver Round (New)
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    1 oz Emoji Skull Silver Round (New)
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    Emoji Silver Rounds from JM Bullion

    Long before the rise of smartphones, those using mobile devices in the early days of texting would look for simple symbols to replace lengthy text to express emotions. The first emojis were used in the 1990s in online chatrooms, but were simpler than what we are accustomed to today with the use of punctuation to form smiley faces or other symbols, for example, : ) for a smile. Today, emojis have exploded in popularity, with more than 3,000 different emojis available for mobile texting. JM Bullion now offers a new silver round collection honoring the various emojis used by billions on a daily basis.

    Emoji Series

    The new Emoji Series of silver rounds comes with proof visuals for each design. This indicates the rounds will have frosted designs and mirrored background fields. These 1 Troy oz rounds have .999 pure silver content and will ship with either plastic flips or rounds of 20 tubes. The rounds in this series come with a common reverse field that shows a cascade of various different emojis that are popular with mobile users today.

    1st Design – Smiley Face

    On the obverse side of the first release in the Emoji Series, you will find an image of arguably one of the most common emojis, the smiley face. This simple design shows a large smiley face with bright eyes and a wide smile.

    2nd Design – Snowman

    For the obverse of the second issue in the Emoji Series, the mint features the popular snowman design. This playful image depicts a two-tier snowman with a wider, round base and a circular, round head. The body has two coal buttons and twig arms, while the head has two coal eyes, a button nose, a smile, and a Santa cap.

    3rd Design – Party

    The third issue in the custom Emoji Series of silver rounds features the popular, versatile Party Emoji. This conical shape has a decorative design and includes party streamers and confetti bursting forth to fill the design field. This particular design in the series makes the perfect gift for any celebration, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays, graduations, and retirements.

    4th Design – Frowny

    The fun and games are over! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this time as the 4th design in the Emoji Series shows off a grumpier side for the series. On the obverse of the Frowny Silver Round, you will find a pensive face awaiting you. Though this is known as the Frowny Emoji, it’s really a flexible design that can relay a range of emotions from sad and distressed to pensive or generally unimpressed.

    5th Design – Money Bag

    It’s time to flex some wealth with the fifth design in the Emoji Series. The Money Bag takes center stage on the silver rounds in this series as a representation of swag, wealth, and luxury. Like many of the emojis used in everyday mobile conversations, Money Bag is a flexible one. It can be used to celebrate a new job, a promotion, a bonus, or simply as a response to someone’s big new purchase or fancy vacation.

    6th Design – Alien

    For the sixth overall release of the Emoji Series, fans of the extraterrestrial get their day in the sun as the newest 1 oz Emoji Silver Round features the image of the Alien Emoji. The emoji’s distinct appearance, with its large oval-shaped eyes, small mouth, and a head often depicted as a shade of green, contributes to its association with beings from other planets.

    7th Design – Rocket

    The Emoji Series is taking off to new heights in the seventh release with the image of the Emoji Rocket. One of the more commonly used emojis, the rocket ship is a simple design with a fun backstory. The design of the rocket ship emoji is based on the iconic Apollo 11 rocket, the spacecraft that took astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon in 1969. The significance of the rocket ship emoji goes beyond just space exploration; it has become a symbol of ambition, progress, and adventure. It’s often used to convey excitement, achievements, and the desire to reach new heights in various contexts, such as celebrating personal accomplishments, setting goals, or expressing enthusiasm for a thrilling event.

    8th Design – Skull

    For the eighth release of the Emoji Series, the Skull features in the collection. The Skull emoji, along with many other emojis we use today, has its roots in Japan. It was first introduced as part of the emoji set by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 for the Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo. Originally, emojis were designed to convey information and emotions in a concise and visually appealing way in text messages.

    Background on Emojis

    The first emojis came to mobile devices in 1999 when designer Shigetaka Kurita developed a set of 176 emojis. Emojis have become so popular that they are used well beyond the world of mobile texting. An estimated 900 million emojis are used on Facebook messenger on a daily basis, with half of the comments on Instagram each day consisting of emojis.

    Mintages for the Emoji Series

    Mintages in this series will vary from one release to the next. The approach to coining these rounds is one that sees the designs struck for a limited period of time until the next round is ready. As the mintages go final, this page will be updated for each design:

    • Smiley – 70,710 rounds
    • Snowman – 40,870 rounds
    • Party – 40,505 rounds
    • Frowny – 20,005 rounds
    • Money Bag – 25,000 rounds
    • Alien – 22,000 rounds
    • Rocket – 26,000 rounds
    • Skull – 26,500 rounds

    Add Style to Your Collection with the Emoji Series

    JM Bullion customer service is available to assist you at 800-276-6508. Our team is also happy to help online using our live chat and email address features. If you have any questions about payment, please feel free to visit our Payment Methods page for quick answers to common questions regarding payment options.