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    All Silver Statues Available from JM Bullion

    If you find silver coins, bars, and rounds aren’t quite up your alley when investing in silver, there’s another precious metal option out there for you in this beautiful metal. Silver statues have been growing in prominence as of late. Many are produced with heirloom-quality refining, using stunning designs and beautiful antique finishes that only serve to enhance the overall visual quality of the product.

    Silver Statues is a leading refiner of silver statues, as well as MK Barz. Whether you’re looking for busts of historical figures or statues with imagery plucked from the creative reaches of the human mind, JM Bullion has a wide variety of silver statues for you to consider when buying silver. Browse our full collection of silver statues below!

    Background on Silver Statues

    Silver Statues believes in bringing the oldest and most beautiful coin or round designs, as well as other inspiration figures from around the world to life in a new way. The 2nd generation mint masters believe in entrusting these designs to true artisans; sculptors who can bring the designs to life with brilliant, 3D statues.

    Background on MK Barz

    MK Barz was established in Los Angeles, California in 2014. The company works to provide specialized, hand-poured silver bullion and American coinage to customers in the United States and Canada. The company was founded by a primary owner who has been grading and collection, as well as hoarding, American silver coins for more than 35 years. The co-owner of MK Barz grew up in a family that owned and operated a foundry over the course of 32 years, specifically focused on refining bronze statues and awards.

    Today, the company provides a wide variety of products. Among its most popular are hand-poured bars and bullion, but it also custom stamps and makes other silver bars, rounds, hearts, hexagons, and just about any other shape collectors might be looking for on that special gift-giving occasion.

    Silver Soldiers Collection

    One of the most popular toys for children dating back to the 1930s has been toy soldiers. Following World War I, tin toys were made in the shape of American doughboys and soldiers who fought in Europe during the Great War. Modern Green Army Men, plastic toys for a new generation of children, still maintain the visuals of America’s victorious GIs who no less than saved the world during World War II. At Silver Statues, the popular toys and the heroic figures that inspired them are deploying in the Silver Soldiers Collection.

    Each silver statue has a limited mintage with a laser-etched serial number on the base, as well as the weight and purity of the statue. The statues in this collection are often grouped together in “Batallions,” though individual pieces have been released as well. Examples include:

    • Stovepipe Sterling, Captain Troy, and Arty Red Leg – this grouping was the first issued and featured the squad leader with some of his most valuable members, his artillery supply man and his bazooka man.
    • Greaseman Gary, Trigger Ted, Billy Bullets – this heavy squad is responsible for keeping enemy heads down in fox holes so other American GIs can move forward. Depictions include a submachine gunner, heavy machine gunner, and the supply man.
    • Eyes on Earl, Glover S. Johns, Medic Martinez – a support team, Glover S. Johns is the rifleman responsible for protecting Earl on the radio and Martinez as he tends to their wounded squadmates.
    • Howitzer – the 38 oz howitzer statue accompanies the first squad and is responsible for providing accurate, long-range, lethal fire to troops in the field.
    • Willy MB Jeep – the 40 oz Jeep replicates the appearance of one of the vehicles that no less than helped America win the war. The Jeep enabled rapid mobility among American forces as they marched across the European continent pushing Nazi Germany back toward Berlin.
    • Sherman Tank – the tank that helped America win the war, the M4A1 Sherman Tank is a massive 200 oz silver statue and replicated the appearance of the medium tank that was churned out in incredible numbers by US factories to help the Allies overcome the heavier German tanks with greater numbers of American tanks.

    Coins of the World Statues

    The first major series of silver statues from Silver Statues, the Coins of the World celebrate the famous designs on the world’s most popular bullion coin programs in a manner you’ve never seen before. Watch as the American Eagle, Australian Kookaburra, and Mexican Libertad coins come to life in brilliant 3D designs:

    • American Silver Eagle: The 20 oz Antique Finish American Silver Eagle Statue depicts the American bald eagle sitting perched on a pedestal with its wings folded at its side, and its right claw lifted up on top of (and holding) the heraldic shield of the United States of America. The eagle’s feathers are captured in intricate detail, and its steely glaze peers out from behind the shield as it stands stoic and on-guard for the nation.
    • Mexican Silver Libertad: Each 12 oz Antique Finish Mexican Libertad Silver Statue brings to 3D form the Greek Goddess of Victory, whose figure was used to top the monument in Mexico City. Known as El Angel, she stands 22 feet tall in real life and features on the obverse of the Mexican Silver Libertad coin each year it is released.
    • Australian Silver Kookaburra: In this 3D rendering from Cosmin Morar, the 20 oz Antique Finish Australian Kookaburra Silver Statue features the bird as it sits atop the stump of a wooden post, with barbed wire wrapped around the base. The image is reminiscent of one of the recent designs used on the actual coin program from the Perth Mint itself.
    • British Silver Britannia: Introduced in 1987 as the Gold Britannia, the Royal Mint’s official bullion series revived an image of Britannia to continue her dominant streak on British currency. Since the reign of King Charles II, she has appeared on coins of the kingdom, and has appeared consistently since 1707 and the Acts of Union. In this Coins of the World Silver Statue, Britannia stands against the gusting winds of the English Channel ready to defend the British Isles. She wields a trident in one hand and rests the other upon a Union Jack shield.

    Lost World Silver Statues

    The Lost World Silver statues are a collection said to be “65 million years in the making,” and paying homage to the massive beasts that dominated the planet long before mankind could make its mark on the world. Each of the four beasts featured in this exciting collection has been reimagined with superb craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail. From ancient reptiles to the enormous Woolly Mammoth, learn all about the individual releases.

    For each release in the series you’ll note the statues:

    • Arrives in a protective box with numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Limited casting of only 1,000 units!
    • Contains 8 Troy oz of actual silver content.
    • Includes a proprietary antique silver finish.
    • Designed by master sculptor Cosmin Morar.

    There are a total of four silver statues available for purchase in this particular collection, and those designs include:

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Triceratops
    • Stegosaurus
    • Woolly Mammoth
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Velociraptor
    • Dilophosaurus

    Miniature Statues

    Character miniature statues are a popular new option in this realm. These 150 gram silver statues depict characters from popular culture that include, but are not limited to:

    • Batman
    • Superman
    • Darth Vader
    • Boba Fett

    Silversmith Collection

    Inspired by the stories of the Christian Bible, the Silversmith Collection brings the historic tales of Christianity to life in stunning 3D design with heirloom-quality silver statue designs. From the might and power of Samson to the suffering and passion of Jesus Christ, the Silversmith Collection of silver statues available from JM Bullion include four designs in total:

    • The 20 oz Silversmith Samson and the Lion Silver Statue reimagines one of the greatest biblical tales of Samson. In this particular tale, as Samson walks through the vineyards near Timnath he was set upon by a massive beast. In a bold reminder of God’s mighty power, the statue reflects the seminal moment of the tale as you find Samson standing above the lion’s back, holding its massive jaws open in his hands just before he rips the beast to shreds.
    • Fallen Angels: A two-statue collection, this features Artifice and Volnus from Paul Ray Effinger. In the 15 oz Artifice Silver Statue you’ll meet a female fallen angel. Artifice is the name of this female Fallen Angel, and it translates to mean “deception.” Tragically, it is Artifice who was deceived by Satan, and is now left to crawl the Earth in search of solace, broken and disillusioned as an individual. The 15 oz Antique Finish Volnus Silver Statue features the forlorn look of a male angel sitting with his head between his knees. Effinger created both Artifice and Volnus after reading the story in the Urantia Book about angels deceived by Lucifer and cast out of heaven by God.
    • The 7 oz Antique Finish Silversmith Judges The Passion silver statue featured here is known as The Price He Paid. It depicts Jesus as he hangs, dying, upon the cross. Like many similar depictions, such as that created by Diego Velazquez in 1632, it features Christ with only a cloth over his genitals and a crown of thorns upon his head as he dies upon the cross, washing away mankind’s sins in the process.

    Fairies and Fantasy Statues

    The Fairies and Fantasy Statues feature designs from various genres of human fascination, from mystical fairies to powerful and ferocious beasts of mythical origin. In total, there are five statues in this collection:

    • 5 oz Antique Finish Ariana Silver Statues feature a design from Caleb Nefzen in which Ariana is depicted crouched down with her wings extend to their fullest behind her, while her right hand is held out clutching scales holding silver. The base for her statue mimics the appearance of the silver rounds that made her figure so popular in the first place!
    • The 7 oz Antique Finish Gwen the Good Luck Fairy Silver Statue is intricately detailed and features the image of Gwen. The fairy is depicted with no clothing on, and tiny butterflies covering her body in various areas. She is shown standing on a base of overgrown fantastical mushrooms, and has large wings on the back of her figure.
    • On the 13 oz Godric the Gargoyle Silver Statue you’ll find the massive, frightening form of the beast itself sitting perched atop the safe. The beast has a powerful form, capable of fighting off any evil spirits, and a fearsome look on its face that gives it the power to also scare off any people who would do harm.
    • The 8 oz Brutus Silver Statue depicts the fearsome and intimidating image of Brutus the Dragon. In the depiction, Brutus is shown perched on all fours with his knuckles down and his teeth visible in the front as he snarls at his foes. His wings are stretched backward in a position that suggests he’s ready to take flight and pounce on his enemies at a moment’s notice.
    • Coco the Dragon is available in two different weights from Silver Statues. Both the 8 oz and 1 Kilo Antique Finish Coco the Dragon Silver Statue feature the image of Coco sitting perched atop a rocky crag with great detail in the 3D design and finish of the statue. Her massive muscles seem to quiver as the stands ready atop the rocks, able to pounce it would seem at any moment. The design of the dragon includes pointed horns, scaled body, and razor sharp talons. You’ll also notice a forked tail on the massive beast.

    Americana Statues

    There are numerous statue collections that fall into this category, each with different design features and concepts. Among them you’ll find the Presidential Busts and the Bear and Bull of the stock market. Explore your Americana options below:

    • The 20 oz Antique Finish George Washington Bust Silver Statue depicts the nation’s first POTUS and Commander-in-Chief with a stern, confident look on his face and dressed in his finest 18th century military uniform.
    • Each of the 20 oz Antique Finish Abraham Lincoln Bust Silver Statutes features the stately image of the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln may have suspended the right of habeas corpus, but he is known forever as the Great Emancipator for ending slavery by leading the Union to victory in the Civil War.
    • Each 8 oz Antique Finish Troy the Bull Silver Statue features the image of Troy with his horns pressed forward and ready to lead the charge toward growth. He is named Troy in honor of “Troy ounces,” the popular unit of measure for metals that dates back to the Middle Ages. Used at first as Troyes in France, Troy ounce is very common in the weight of silver and gold.
    • All 12 oz Antique Finish Ozzy the Bear Silver Statues feature a massive, furry bear standing on its hind legs. He has both front paws extended and ready to pummel his competition, pulling them in toward his massive jaws and crushing them in combat. It is Ozzy’s job to keep the bull markets in check, and he’s poised to do so!

    Interestingly, the Troy the Bull and Ozzy the Bear silver statues are available for individual purchase, as well as in a two-statue set. If you’d like to see the Bear and Bull markets collide, the 20 oz set is available for purchase so you can see the ups and downs of the markets right on your desk or shelf.

    Landmarks Collection

    Another general-purpose collection, the Landmarks Silver Statues are available from both Silver Statues and MK Barz. In this collection you’ll find very specific designs that resonate with Americans and World War II scholars, as well as those which prove poignant to historical scholars of the ancient world. Explore the three options available in this series.

    • Each of the 5 oz Antique Finish Lady Liberty Silver Statues beautifully replicates the appearance of the Statue of Liberty in a four-inch tall sculpture that features .925 fine silver content. The antique finish is proprietary to Silver Statues, and provides subtle depth of design and warmth.
    • All 1 Kilo Antique Finish Iwo Jima Silver Statues depict the moment when six US Marines raised an American flag on top of Mount Suribachi, the highest point on the island in a symbolic gesture of American victory. It would be several more weeks until all fighting ceased on the island.

    Purchase All Your Silver Statues from JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about the silver statues available in this category, please feel free to reach out to JM Bullion. Our customer service team is available to assist you with questions at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Please feel free to read our Payment Methods FAQ if you have questions about acceptable payment methods or purchase minimums. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about payment methods.