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    Quarters Articles

    Barber Quarter (1892-1916)

    From the earliest days of the US Mint, quarters have been trucking off the production lines. These 25-cent coins have been a useful part of American coinage for well over 200 years, and remain in circulation today. One of the lesser-known quarter types is the Barber, which was minted during the last 8 years of…

    Seated Liberty Quarter (1838-1891)

    Quarters have played a major role in the coinage of the United States since the earliest days of the US Mint. There have been countless different types of these coins minted over the years, but the Seated Liberty is one of the most popular types of quarters. Minted from the middle stages of the 19th…

    Washington Quarter (1932-1964)

    The Washington Quarter was first minted in the early 1930s, and has remained in circulation ever since. Of course, the biggest different between coins minted between 1932 and 1964 and coins minted nowadays is the fact that the former contains a good bit of silver, increasing its inherent value. For collectors, the silver content is…

    Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)

    When it was first introduced, American citizens immediately fell in love with the Standing Liberty Quarter. Playing off the name of the earlier Seated Liberty, the Standing Liberties boasted a beautiful design that was as intricate as any coin of its day. Even though these coins were minted for less than 15 years, they have…

    Bust Quarter (1796-1838)

    Early Bust quarters have a higher value than most others because they were produced such a long time ago and, as such, are not so easy to locate anymore. Produced during the final years of the 1700s up through most of the 1830s, these coins are an especially important part of American coinage history and…