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    Platinum Bars

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    Platinum Bullion Bars

    Platinum bars are the primary vehicle used when investing in platinum bullion. Bars are preferred due to their wide availability, vast product selection, and low pricing over the platinum spot price. Since platinum bars are minted by dozens, if not hundreds of private companies, investors are able to find the exact size, design, and relative price of bar they prefer.

    Sizes of Platinum Bars

    Platinum bars are produced in gram and troy ounce sizes, ranging from the smallest bars (1 gram) to the largest bars (10 oz or occasionally 1 kg). Most platinum bars, similar to gold bars, ship with assay certificates, which are certifications of the bars purity, weight, and mint of production. By keeping your bars in their original mint packaging, and hanging on to the assay certificate, you will have no trouble unloading the bar in the future.

    Smaller gram bars typically ship in cards or encased inside their assay, while larger bars ship loose with separate paper assay certificates. Even the largest platinum bar (10 oz or 1kg) is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, so small or large, these bars aren’t unmanageable.

    Platinum Bar Mints

    Platinum bars are produced by dozens, if not hundreds of private mints throughout the world, but the primary market is composed of mostly PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse platinum bars. By purchasing bars with assay certificates that were minted by major producers, you can ensure that you are buying authentic material without worry of forgery. We offer a small selection of platinum bars currently, with plans to expand and offer more products in the future.

    Common Platinum Bar Designs

    Each mint has its own approach to designing platinum bars. Most do not opt to use intricate design elements on platinum bars as most buyers are purchasing platinum more for investment purposes than for collectible reasons. That doesn’t mean the product range is without beauty though. The following are some of the common designs you’ll find in platinum bar collections:

    • Fortuna Series: developed by PAMP Suisse, Fortuna Platinum Bars come with depictions of the goddess of Fortune on the obverse. The image shows Fortuna wearing a blindfold in a left-profile bust that includes a cornucopia on her head. This Horn of Plenty swirls down the obverse field toward the bottom of the design element where the horn spills forth coins into the awaiting hands of Fortuna.
    • Valcambi Platinum: on the obverse of Valcambi Platinum Bars, you will find the company logo accompanied by an assayer’s stamp, the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar, and in some cases a serial number.
    • Credit Suisse Platinum: much like Valcambi bars, Credit Suisse Platinum Bars come with a depiction of the rectangular Credit Suisse logo with identifying inscriptions. Select bars may also have a serial number.
    • Argor-Heraeus: the obverse of Argor-Heraeus bars offers the Argor-Heraeus logo with a stylized “AH” at the center of a circular setting that features a ring with the full name listed around it. The weight, purity, and metal content are also inscribed on this side.

    Investing in Platinum Bars with JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about platinum bars for sale at JM Bullion, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our customer service team can assist you on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address. For fast answers to common questions about purchasing methods, maximums, and minimums, feel free to visit our Payment Methods FAQ page.