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    Valcambi Gold Bars

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    Purchasing Valcambi Gold Bars

    Valcambi is a mint from Switzerland who has been in business for over 50 years. The original name of the company was Valori & Cambi until the names were later combined and shortened to the name of the company we are familiar with today. Since the beginning, Valcambi has been in the precious metals industry as a refinery and over the course of a half decade not much has changed.

    Our Valcambi gold bars come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large as to suit any type of investor. Every Valcambi gold bar displays the company’s mintmark, as well as the .9999 purity and the weight.

    About Valcambi

    Valcambi is based in Balerna, Switzerland which is in the Southeastern part of the country, not too far from the Northern part of Italy. They were first founded in 1961 under another name and after a few years Valcambi’s name was changed to its current name and the company was already expanding rapidly. Only a few years after the company was founded, Valcambi was purchased by Credit Suisse, another Swiss mint. After a short while, Credit Suisse vacated its position in the bullion industry and Valcambi’s name was changed once again.

    Nowadays they are based in the same part of Switzerland where they were founded and say they are dedicated to diversifying their product offering and expanding their influence in the precious metals industry.

    Minted Ingots and Cast Gold Bars

    All of Valcambi Suisse gold bars are either minted ingots of one form or another, or cast gold bars. Unlike many of its competitors, Valcambi Suisse produces the same design with little variation on the gold bars it sells. This applies to both cast gold bars and minted ingots. Cast gold bars are the simplest forms of gold for sale and the easiest gold bars to produce. Gold is first heated to its melting point and then poured into prefabricated, heat-resistant molds. The gold is left in these casts to cool, either left open to the air or enclosed within the mold until the gold bar is cool. Minted ingots, on the other hand, go through a heating-melting-pouring process, but the production of the gold bar doesn’t stop there. Once a cast gold bar is formed, computer-controlled presses then stamp out precise sizes and shapes to create minted ingots with refined edges.

    There is a difference in the visual appearance of minted ingots and cast gold bars. Many minted ingots have mirror-like backgrounds with design elements that offer a different visual appeal. The bars have sharp, refined edges, while cast gold bars often have a broader rectangular shape, but with rounded edges. Another prominent difference is the strike of the design elements. Design elements on cast gold bars are struck incuse into the surface of the bar, while minted ingots have details and designs engraved onto the surface in 3D relief.

    Valcambi CombiBars

    One of the greatest innovations in the 21st century in the precious metals industry was the CombiBar from Valcambi Suisse. These brilliant gold bullion bars are marketed and sold in combined weights such as 20 Gram, 1 Troy oz, 50 Gram, and 100 Gram gold, but are easily divisible by the individual investor into much smaller, more manageable gold weights for easier distribution and resale when, and if, it suits the investors.

    CombiBars are produced as items such as the 1 oz Valcambi Gold CombiBar. The price you pay for such a product is based on the spot price and relevant premium for 1 Troy oz of gold. However, you have the option as the holder of such a gold bar to keep that product as a singular 1 Troy oz gold bar with .9999 pure gold content, or break it down into ten individual 1/10 Troy oz gold bars, each one with .9999 pure gold content. The same applies to all other weights of CombiBars offered by Valcambi Suisse.

    The secret to the success of the CombiBar lineup is the freedom of the investor to decide how to store that gold long term. If you choose to break it down, you can easily and confidently transform your individual 1 oz gold bar into two separate 1/2 Troy oz gold bars or ten individual 1/10 Troy oz gold bars. Using preset lines, you can break the bars apart as you see fit without the risk of losing any of the gold content or the purity of the overall product.

    All Valcambi CombiBar products ship in unique capsules that hold the entire piece and come with a CombiBar-branded shipping sleeve. There is also an assay included with the larger bar, as well as individual assays for each of the divisible pieces.

    Gold Bar Sizes

    Valcambi produces gold bars across a range of weights that is not as uniform as what you would find with other mints around the world. Perhaps the most uniform gold bar Valcambi produces is their one ounce variety, of which is usually accompanied by an assay.

    Investing in Valcambi Gold at JM Bullion

    If you have any questions about Valcambi gold, JM Bullion customer service is here to help. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email. If you are curious about accepted payment methods and any purchasing minimums when buying gold, we invite you to consult with our Payment Methods FAQ, and then reach out to us with any remaining questions on the matter.