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    JM Bullion is proud to partner with Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC) to offer our customers the ability to borrow against gold and silver using their existing bullion as collateral. Gold and silver backed loans offer cash liquidity without the need to sell your assets.

    CFC is the Leader in Gold & Silver Loans
    $300+ Million of Loans Since 2005
    Loans of $25,000 up to $5+ Million
    CFC Offers Compelling Terms
    Low Interest Rates
    No Origination or Pre-Payment Fees

    Loans are not available at the time of bullion purchase, meant for commercial use, and subject to restrictions based on state residence.

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      Flexible Financing

      Loans of $25,000 to $5 Million


      Low Rates

      Interest Only & Fixed for Term


      Fast Funding

      Typically 10 Days or Less


      Shipping Insurance

      Complimentary via USPS (deductible and conditions apply)


      High Loan-To-Value Ratio

      Up to 75% of Bullion Value

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      Minimum loan size $25,000

      About CFC

      CFC is a licensed California Finance lender that was established in 2005 and offers financing on a wide array of precious metals and numismatic products. CFC and JM Bullion are both wholly owned subsidiaries of A-Mark Precious Metals (Nasdaq: “AMRK”), a leading bullion trader and wholesaler.



      Q: Is there a minimum loan amount?
      A: Yes. CFC has a minimum loan size of $25,000. This means that, based on a typical Loan-To-Value ratio of 75%, a borrower needs to have approximately $35,000 of precious metal collateral.
      Q: How long does the application process take?
      A: CFC endeavors to promptly process loan applications. The typical time from the submission of an application to receipt of funds is ten or fewer business days.
      Q: How are bullion holdings valued?
      A: CFC references spot prices provided by corporate parent A-Mark Precious Metals to determine the value of bullion collateral.
      Q: What information is a borrower asked to provide to secure a loan?
      A: Individual and joint borrowers are asked to provide contact information, an estimate of their liquid assets and net worth. A copy of a government issued ID (generally a driver license or a passport) is required to secure a loan as well as disclosure related to liens, judgments, or pending litigation.
      Q: Are there any residency restrictions for a loan?
      A: Yes. Borrowers must be citizens or legal residents of either the United States or Canada and their loans are subject to restrictions based on state or provincial residency.
      Q: Are there restrictions on the use of the loan’s proceeds?
      A: Yes. A borrower is required to represent that a loan’s proceeds will be used for commercial investment purposes. The objective of this restriction is to ensure that someone is not borrowing capital to fund day-to-day personal expenses.
      Q: Does prior credit history / loan experience matter?
      A: No. Prior bankruptcies or a less than optimal credit record do not directly impact loan decisions.
      Q: Does a borrower need to have a clear title to their collateral assets?
      A: Yes. CFC will perform a search of relevant Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings to ensure that there are no claims on the proposed collateral.
      Q: What is the typical term of a loan?
      A: CFC loans are for 180 days. Borrowers are generally offered the opportunity to renew their loan several weeks before maturity. Most CFC loans are renewed for multiple terms.
      Q: Are there any loan fees?
      A: No.CFC’s loans do not have origination, pre-payment, or other fees other than those associated with late payments. CFC loans do have a storage charge based on collateral value.
      Q: Are loans subject to margin calls?
      A: Yes. A decline in collateral value based upon current market prices can result in a margin call. The purpose of a margin call is to return a loan to an acceptable Loan-To-Value ratio. Borrowers are generally provided an opportunity to meet a margin call by supporting their loan with additional collateral or cash capital as well as authorizing CFC to monetize a portion of their existing collateral.
      Q: Can a loan be paid off early?
      A: Yes. A loan can be paid off any time without incurring fees. Loans may be repaid by bank wire, check or through the authorized sale of the underlying collateral.

      Additional Information

      Please visit or contact CFC directly at (800) 232-5767