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    JM Bullion Branded Gold Bars

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    JM Bullion Branded Gold Bars

    As the profile and customer base of JM Bullion have expanded over the years, we’ve worked with private mints to produce our own JM Bullion-branded precious metals. These products give our loyal customers a chance not only invest in gold and silver, but also allowed them to do so while showcasing their pride in shopping with us. One of the more exciting developments was the introduction of JM Bullion-branded gold bars produced by Germany’s Geiger Edelmetalle.

    Geiger Square Bars

    A recently introduced product concept from Geiger Edelmettale, square bullion bars offer the best combination of modern gold bar design and bullion coin features. These bars feature a combination of frosted and mirrored fields, ridges along the edge of the bar like a bullion coin may feature, individual serial numbers, and assay certificate packaging for added security.

    JM Bullion Design

    With the release of our JM Bullion Square Gold Bars, customers have the opportunity to buy gold showcasing the name and logo of JM Bullion. The obverse side of all bars features the primary JM Bullion logo, with its large JM and the word Bullion underneath these initials. The weight, metal content, and purity of the bar feature on this side. The assay certificate card showcases on the obverse our company colors, name, web address, and our founding date (2011).

    On the reverse side, each JM Bullion Square Gold Bar features our long-form logo, with the words JM Bullion repeating across the design field. There is also a unique serial number assigned to each bar, with all serial numbers starting with JM initials. The identifying hallmarks of each bar are included on the assay certificate card on this side, as well as the signature of the mint director.

    Buy JM Bullion Gold Bars 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online using our web chat, and via our email address. Please feel free to visit our Payment Methods page for more information regarding common payment-related questions.