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    Unveiling the Power of Partnership: JM Bullion Teams Up with Andretti Global for the Indianapolis 500!

    Excitement is in the air here at JM Bullion as we are set to join forces with the Andretti Global Team for an electrifying debut at the 108th Running of the Indianapolis 500!  We are stepping into the fast lane of motorsports as the official precious metals trading partner and sponsor of the No. 98…

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    Bank of America Looks Like It May Be The Next ‘Dead Bank Walking’

    The economic data is starting to get dire and indicates the consumer part of the economy is taking a nosedive. We will get into details in the Macro View section of the report. Gold and silver, as a result, are holding up quite nicely. While gold and silver are fading this week, having some perspective…

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    Gold Hits All-Time High in Chinese Renminbi as US Inflation Surges Again

    Gold just hit an all-time high in Renminbi, the Chinese currency. I have been reporting on the Shanghai gold exchange on our social media for a little over a year, and I believe I was one of the first precious metals analysts to do so. Well, now we see why other gold markets are important….

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    Congress Formally Announces Talks on the Digital Dollar (US CBDC)

    Gold and silver are range trading as we end the summer. The traders aren’t committing to any specific position. We appear to be stuck in this holding pattern with the metals for the last several months. We had nice bumps in gold and silver at the beginning of July and the end of August. You…

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    Are We Getting Closer to a Gold and Silver ‘Moon Shot’?

    The precious metals markets are just sort of hanging around right now. No compelling bad news to drive the prices higher. We also have way too much skepticism by the average Joe and Sally on the economy for the metals to move lower. It feels eerily like 2007 before the financial crisis began. Back then…

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    Gold and Silver Rebound, Another Lawsuit for PM Market Fraud

    Gold and silver rebounded last week after experiencing a late summer fade. I expected they would begin to turn around as we approach fall, but we are not quite there yet. It is encouraging that the precious metals prices have not floundered this summer despite the lack of very bad financial news. While the economy…

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    ‘Mea Culpa’ on Gold and Silver Prices; Banks in Big Trouble

    Well, what a difference a week makes! Gold and silver took it on the chin again, but this time a bit more than before. I will explain the how and why it happened, and issue a bit of a mea culpa. I mistakenly thought the market would not short the metals again so soon, given…

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