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    Gold Notes Available from JM Bullion

    There are many ways to buy gold when you shop online. While many JM Bullion customers seek out the standard 1 oz gold options, such as gold bullion coins or minted gold ingots, there are a growing number of other options available to add diversity. Best of all, some of these additional options provide greater affordability with lower weights and distinctive designs you won’t find on other forms of gold bullion. Learn about the gold notes currently available from JM Bullion in the paragraphs below.

    What is a Gold Note?

    Modern gold notes are thin gold bullion items similar in appearance to paper banknotes, but with a purpose similar to gold bullion bars. The particular gold notes in this product listing are produced in a manner that is truly unique. Each gold note consists of layers of gold in between two flexible, secure polyester sheets. This creates a visually brilliant product with the secure polyester layers protecting the 24-karat gold within. Each one of the gold notes has enough gold layered in between the polyester sheets to create a product with a specific weight.


    One of the most intriguing gold note programs available at the moment are Goldbacks. Created in the exact manner mentioned above, the Goldbacks are a collection of gold notes that constitute a voluntary local currency accepted for commercial payment in a growing number of US states. In order to actually use the Goldbacks as acceptable currency, a vendor has to have voluntarily decided to accept the gold notes for currency in transactions. At the very least, all Goldbacks are exceptional 24-karat gold bullion notes that represent an affordable means of diversifying your gold holdings.

    Available weights for Goldbacks include the smallest weight of physical gold bullion produced today in the form of the 1/1000 Troy oz .9999 pure gold note. Other weights include the 1/200 Troy oz, 1/100 Troy oz, 1/40 Troy oz, and 1/20 Troy oz. Designs for Goldbacks are unique per each release and state, and include twists on various female allegories, such as:

    • Liberty (Libertas)
    • Victory (Victoria)
    • Prudence (Prudentia)
    • Fortitude
    • Justice (Justitia)
    • Sophia (or wisdom)
    • Charity (Caritas)

    To date, Goldback Series have been issued for Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and New Hampshire. As an important note, Goldbacks are NOT legal tender in the United States.

    Replica Gold Notes

    Other examples of gold notes are those that replicate the appearance of historic banknotes from around the world and other unique designs. Once again, these gold notes are produced using the same approach with thin layers of gold between polyester sheets. Examples include:

    • 1 Gram Buffalo Note: Though it does not share the exact same design, the 1 Gram Buffalo Note is inspired by a historic $10 Bison Note of 1901 which featured a large American bison on the primary face.
    • 1/10 Gram 500 Euro Replica Note: This particular gold note boasts an exact replica of the design of the 500 Euro banknote. The largest banknote and denomination ever issued by the European Central Bank, this gold note accurately recreates the designs from both faces.
    • 1/10 Gram Liberty Note: With a design inspired loosely by historic images of Liberty from Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this design offers a younger image of Liberty with rays of sunlight coming from behind her figure. The US Capitol Building and the US Supreme Court Building also feature behind her.

    Buying Gold Notes with JM Bullion

    Watch our online category of gold notes for these and other items coming in stock at JM Bullion. If you have any questions about our gold notes for sale, please contact our customer service team. You can call us at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply email us.