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    Buying Accessories from JM Bullion

    The purchase of precious metal coins, bars, and rounds from JM Bullion is never complete without a few extra accessories to help store and protect your valuable new product. In the world of precious metals, condition is everything. Any blemishes, smudges, contact marks, or other flaws that mar the surface of your gold, silver, and platinum products can result in a loss of value from the time your purchase it until such a time as you sell it. Before you complete your purchase from JM Bullion today, take a moment to look through our online catalog of accessories.

    Air-Tite Coin Holders from JM Bullion

    Manufactured using acrylic for a crystal-clear, rigid finish, Air-Tite coin holders can protect your individual coins and rounds inside sturdy cases. Air-Tite products feature only acrylic in the design, and no PVC, because it is a non-abrasive product and will not contribute to the deterioration of your coins or rounds. Additionally, an Air-Tite coin holder features acrylic because it is a clear product, which allows you to view and display your coins without removing them from their protective environments. JM Bullion offers Air-Tite coin holders in the following sizes:

    • 16 MM
    • 20 MM
    • 25 MM
    • 27 MM
    • 32 MM
    • 39 MM
    • 40.6 MM

    The diameter of popular coins varies from mint to mint, and as such it is important to read through our individual product descriptions of coin supplies category page to determine which Air-Tite coin holders are perfect for your collection. Air-Tite products work with many of the most popular coins today, including American Silver, American Gold, and American Platinum Eagles, as well as Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, British Gold and British Silver Britannias, Somalian Silver Elephants, and various products from Australia’s Perth Mint.

    Additionally, coin holders from Air-Tite are available in two designs: Direct Fit and Gasket. Direct Fit holders are designed to be an exact match for the diameter and thickness of a particular precious metal coin or round. Your coin is held firmly in place inside its capsule and rests right up against the acrylic frame. With a gasket, a soft rubber piece goes around the edge of your coin to provide an additional buffer between the Air-Tite frame and the edges of your coin.

    Air-Tite Coin Tubes from JM Bullion

    If you invest in precious metal coins and rounds in multiples, then you might want to consider purchasing Air-Tite coin tubes. Manufactured using the same materials, and featuring non-yellowing agents on the inside of the tube, these are the perfect way to protect up to 20 individual coins from your favorite product lineups. JM Bullion has Air-Tite coin tubes available in the following sizes:

    • 33 MM
    • 38 MM
    • 39 MM
    • 40.6 MM

    Just like the Air-Tite coin holders, Air-Tite coin tubes are capable of holding some of the most popular precious metal coins in the world today from producers such as the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint, Chinese Mint, and the Perth Mint in Australia.

    Silver Bar Tubes from JM Bullion

    Investing in silver bars also requires consideration for the condition of your products. Although most investors do not handle their silver bars or leave them out on display, that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to damage when being transferred between storage locations or moved within your personal safe. Silver bar tubes are clear slips that allow you to protect your favorite precious metal bars, such as the popular PAMP Suisse Fortuna 1 oz Silver Bar or Perth Mint 1 oz Silver Bar, without worrying about scratches, abrasions, or damage to the finish from oils in human skin.

    Why Invest in Accessories?

    Simply put, a few extra dollars on accessories can help protect your crucial investments against deterioration that could costs you hundreds in terms of the value of your products. When coins and rounds are not properly protected, they can be exposed to harmful oils from human skin that deteriorate the finish of a coin or leave behind smudges that lessen the value. Handling your precious metal gold, silver, and platinum products can result in contact marks, scuffs, blemishes, and other detracting flaws. A few dollars spent on accessories saves you much more in the long run.

    If you have any questions about Air-Tite or other accessories available from JM Bullion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our associates are available to answer your questions on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our website’s hosted chat feature, and via email.