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    Sunshine Gold Bars

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    1 Gram Sunshine Gold Bar (New w/ Assay, MintMark SI)
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    Presale: April 25th
    5 Gram Sunshine Gold Bar (New w/ Assay, MintMark SI)
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    Presale: May 3rd
    1 oz Sunshine Mercury Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)
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    1 oz Sunshine Gold Bar (New w/ Assay, MintMark SI)
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    Presale: April 24th

    Buying Sunshine Gold Bars

    Sunshine Mint is a North American-based company who is located in one of the most silver-rich regions on the whole continent. Though Sunshine is most well-known for their silver bullion products, they are following suit with most other mints nowadays and getting involved in the gold bullion industry, as well. Their high quality bullion products have gotten Sunshine where they are today, and will continue to propel them forward as one of the best mints in the world.

    Our Sunshine gold bars vary in size and design though every bar contains the Sunshine mintmark, as well as the one troy ounce and .9999 purity indication. Also present on Sunshine gold bars is a security marking which helps you guarantee that the bar you have is 100% authentic.

    About Sunshine Mint

    Sunshine Mint is a North American-based company and is the number one supplier of blank silver coins for the US Mint. These blanks, as you might have guessed, are then turned into the silver coins minted by the US Mint each and every year. Being that they are one of the US Mint’s top suppliers it goes without saying that Sunshine is one of the most trusted mints in all of the precious metals industry.

    Sunshine is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which just so happens to be one of the most silver-rich places in all of North America. They pride themselves in the quality and purity of their bars and see themselves as an industry leader in that regard.

    Gold Bar Sizes

    Sunshine Mint produces gold bars ranging in size from as small as a gram to as large as an ounce. Their bars are on the lower range of the size spectrum as far as gold bars are concerned, though their quality is hard to beat. When compared to other bars of the same size, the Sunshine Mint’s bars are offered at low premiums over the spot price of gold.

    Security/Anti-Fraud Features

    On the reverse side of Sunshine gold bars is a small circle which, to the naked eye, says “”Mintmark SI,”” the name of the anti-fraud device itself. When you hold a Sunshine Mint decoder card up to the small circle the word “”valid”” will appear, and when the decoder card lens is tilted 90 degrees it will show a sunburst that is identical to the countless other ones diagonally featured on the back side of the gold bar.

    This is a much more advanced security feature than is present on most other bars in the industry and thus much more reliable and trusted.

    Sunshine takes security a step further because most of their bars are also accompanied by an assay card. Encased in plastic and attached to an assay card, Sunshine gold bars are easy to authenticate and even easier to protect.

    The Design of Sunshine Gold Bars

    Bars designed by Sunshine Minting come with familiar designs. The obverse field of the bars includes the popular American bald eagle soaring in front of the sun as stylized rays of sunshine emerge from behind the bird. This is featured within a circle that includes “Sunshine Minting” and the other inscriptions on this field include “.9999 Fine Gold.” The weight of an individual bar is also found on this face of the bars, with a unique serial number. The reverse field features a repeating image of the Sunshine Mint sun design and the Mint Mark SI emblem in the center.

    Investing in Sunshine Mint Gold at JM Bullion

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to JM Bullion customer service with any questions you have about gold. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or email us directly. Please don’t hesitate to reference our Payment Methods page if you have any questions about accepted payment methods and purchasing minimums.