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    Austrian Platinum Philharmonics

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    1 oz Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin (Random Year)

    As low as $86.99 per oz over spot!

    Starting around 2016, there was an explosion of platinum coins offered in the bullion coin market. Given the relative affordability and growing demand for platinum in the 2010s, several mints expanded existing programs to include a platinum version. The popula... Read More

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    1-9 $1,056.45 $1,067.45 $1,100.47
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    20+ $1,046.45 $1,057.35 $1,090.05

    2022 1 oz Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin (BU)

    Any quantity available for $111.99 per coin over spot!

    The most recent introduction in the Austrian Philharmonic bullion series from the Austrian Mint is the platinum coin. Introduced in 2016 with a 1 oz platinum option, the series added a second coin in 2017 with the debut of a 1/25 oz platinum coin. Now, 2022 1 ... Read More

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    1+ $1,071.45 $1,082.61 $1,116.09

    2024 1 oz Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin (BU)

    Austrian Philharmonic coins have been available from the Austrian Mint since 1989. The series launched as a gold bullion collection and, for nearly 30 years, was available only with gold bullion weights for investors. In the 2000s and 2010s, the program began to expand to other metals, with platinum bullion coins the most recent to enter production. Today, 2024 1 oz Austri... Read More

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    Austrian Platinum Bullion Coins

    As the demand for platinum has increased in recent years and its natural availability has dropped, platinum prices have risen to steady highs and generated renewed interest in platinum coins. A handful of mints have offered platinum coinage for sale through the boom-and-bust years of platinum, while others have entered the market recently in an effort to capture the renewed demand and expand existing coin programs. The Austrian Mint is an example of the latter.

    The Austrian Philharmonic coins are a popular choice already with many buying gold or silver. The Gold Philharmonic debuted in 1989 as one of the many gold bullion coins issued in the late 1970s and 1980s. In 2008, the series expanded to include a Silver Philharmonic, which quickly became the best-selling silver coin in continental Europe. In 2016, another expansion arrived with the initial release of the Austrian Philharmonic coins.

    History of the Austrian Philharmonic Coins

    The Austrian Mint first introduced the Philharmonic coin design in 1989. Created by Thomas Pesendorfer, the Chief Engraver of the Austrian Mint, the coin collection featured images on both sides of the coin symbolizing the cultural pride that Austria has in the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Gold Philharmonics debuted in 1989 with a 1 oz gold coin and a ¼ oz option. The coins predated the advent of the euro coinage, with face values of 2,000 Austrian Shillings and 500 Austrian Shillings respectively.

    In 1991 the Austrian Mint added a 1/10 oz coin with a 200 Austrian Shilling face value. 1994 saw the debut of a ½ oz coin with a face value of 1,000 Austrian Shillings. The latest addition was the 1/25 oz coin with a €4 (Euro) face value. Since 2002, all Gold Philharmonics have a face value in Euros. The final coin was available originally as a 25th anniversary celebration coin. All gold coins in the series have .9999 pure gold content.

    In 2008, the mint introduced the Austrian Silver Philharmonic. These coins have a face value of €1.50 (Euro) and contain 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. Between 2008 and 2012, the Austrian Mint sold 1,800 tons of silver in the Austrian Silver Philharmonic collection. This made it the most popular silver bullion coin in Europe.

    The Austrian Platinum Philharmonic coins debuted in 2016. The Austrian Mint continued with the designs from Pesendorfer used on the Gold and Silver Philharmonic Coins that preceded the launch of the platinum coin. The platinum coins have a face value of €100 (Euro) and contain 1 Troy oz of .9995 pure platinum. The coins have exhibited popularity to date with investors.

    Designs of the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic

    On the obverse side of the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic coin is the design of the Musikverein pipe organ. Also known as the Golden Music Hall, this is the home theater for performances by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and it is located in the Innere Stadt borough of Vienna, the national capital of Austria. Engravings on this face of the coin include German language inscriptions that include “Republik Osterreich” and “1 Unze Platin 999.5.” Also featured is the face value of the coins.

    The reverse of the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin features the other design Pesendorfer created in 1989 for the gold coins. This side features a collection of musical instruments used by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The design focuses on a large cello in the center, which is flanked immediately on either side by two violins (four total), with a Vienna horn, bassoon, and harp in the background. Engravings on this side are also in the German language and read “Wiener Philharmoniker.” The Platinum Philharmonic coin is an anuual-release coin in the Austrian Philharmonic Series, with the latest coins available from JM Bullion still.

    About the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    Founded in 1842, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is widely regarded as one of the finest orchestral groups in the world. Though regular orchestral performances took place in Vienna as early as the first few years of the 1830s, the founding of the Vienna Philharmonic did not occur for another decade. Today, the Vienna Philharmonic is a cultural treasure for the people of Austria.

    Background on the Austrian Mint

    The Austrian Mint was founded by Duke Leopold V of Austria in 1194. History states that he was paid 15 tonnes of silver by Richard the Lionheart of England to secure freedom for his forces and safe passage back to England following his nation’s intervention in the crusades. Leopold V used those funds to form the Austrian Mint. Today, the mint is located in Vienna and is responsible for the production (formerly) of Austrian shillings and modern Euro coinage. It is a public limited company and subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria.

    Buy Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins

    To secure your own Austrian Platinum Philharmonic coins, feel free to reach out to JM Bullion. You can contact our customer service team on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat, and via our email address.